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THQ thought that selling MX vs. ATV Alive at a reduced price point of $39.99 on day one would lead to more initial sales and help drive the post-release DLC. This idea unfortunately did not pan out, according to a conference call with THQ CEO Brian Farrell.

In a news report published by Gamasutra, the idea was to try and mimic a successful business model from another sector of the video game world.

Farrell told investors and analysts the game was an attempt to "take some of our learnings from the free-to-play market and apply them to the console world."
However, because of the "high fixed cost of goods in the current console model" Farrell believes THQ could not knock the price down low enough at launch. It has been a long time since ESPN NFL 2K5 was released for $20, and one has to wonder if that sort of business model is even possible in the current console market. If it still is a viable option, maybe THQ just needed to go one step further.

Source - THQ's Farrell: MX Vs. ATV Alive 'Not A Successful Experiment' (Gamasutra)

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# 1 av7 @ 07/28/11 02:16 PM
Its not the price point. Its the crap they've put out since the new generation of consoles. The modding community and smaller teams have done a better job at making a motorcross game than a big company with resources have been capable of.
# 2 josef @ 07/28/11 03:48 PM
seriously. maybe they should take a gander over at Metacritic and check out their score for that junk they put out. i sure as hell would've purchased it for $39 had it not been a disaster.
# 3 RumbleCard @ 07/28/11 05:02 PM
Either they don't want to admit it or have no clue how bad the game was.
# 4 Richzilla @ 07/28/11 05:06 PM
I like the game and have played the heck out of it.

With that being said I am glad they feel this deal failed....they should have included everything on the disk instead of the nickle and dime us to death method.
# 5 asu666 @ 07/28/11 05:21 PM
There was probably confusion about whether the on-disc content got reduced too.
# 6 chrisg19 @ 07/29/11 07:57 AM
The game was just not good, plain and simple. There is no doubt in my mind that the business model they were trying to emulate could work, but you need a solid platform to start with. MX vs. ATV alive is not that platform. It is one of the worst games I have played in a long time. Not that there aren't worse games made, just that because of their past history I was expecting a step forward for the series, not the two giant steps backward they took.
# 7 JMD @ 07/29/11 09:29 AM
As bad as the game is, with a decent patch it could be fixed. All they have to do is tone down the crazy bike physics, get rid of the stupid rider perks and the bar banging system, and patch in some type of career mode if possible. Last years Reflex had it's issuse but was a very solid foundation from which to build on. Why THQ did not do so is puzzling to say the least.

Also the pricing of the DLC is a huge problem. Why would I pay $3.00 for one bike when I can play a game like Shift 2 and get 13 cars for $5.00? The track packs are a rip off as well, 2 tracks for $5.00 , other racing games give you 6 to 10 tracks for $10.00.
# 8 marshmont @ 07/29/11 01:15 PM
I almost bought this game when it launched and then I looked at all the junk you had to buy to make the game complete and thought it was a total ripoff. I hate how Tiger Woods does it, releasing an incomplete game for $60 and then I have to buy more courses. Screw that. The $40 price point was right on except the game wasn't complete. Not to mention these ATV games drop fast. In 6 months I'll be able to pick up a used copy at Gamestop for like $15. These guys should rethink their marketing strategy. Even I was confused about what was in the game and what wasn't.
# 9 RumbleCard @ 07/29/11 05:58 PM
Can you even patch something as significant as an entire "career mode".
# 10 JMD @ 08/07/11 08:11 AM
Originally Posted by goh
...and proper freestyle courses
...and a soundtrack
...and better graphics
...and females actually being female
...and new controls

Sorry but Rainbow gotsta go. Get Left Field or bring back Pacific Coast Power & Light.
Rainbow being gone is the problem. Rainbow Studios did not make this game Digital Studios Phoenix did. I actually think Rainbow Studios is no more. I've read that THQ bought them out and most of the key Dev's left. Rainbow has made solid MX games since the days of Motocross Madness. I don't see them listed on the game box or in the credits of Alive.

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