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Check out some of the NBA 2K12 screenshots, pulled from the recently released NBA 2K12 trailer.

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# 1 osubucksfan47 @ 08/08/11 09:00 AM
So glad they got Hakeem in
# 2 kolanji @ 08/08/11 10:28 AM
that screen with jordan taking off from the FT line is just sick...very detailed 2 u can clearly see that he has on the old school jordan shoes that still had the nike sign on em
# 3 aloncho11 @ 08/08/11 11:12 AM
That screen shows a young faced early 90s MJ. Also new players can be seen on this screen on the others like: Hakeem Olajuwon, Otis Thorpe, Vernon Maxwell, Kenny Smith, Kevin Duckworth, Tree Rollins. And the original hi res screens show a young AC Green and Sam Vincent also
# 4 Drosebpga1 @ 08/08/11 11:13 AM
Nice screens, but can we get something new since we seen the trailer already.
# 5 ryumeijin @ 08/08/11 11:34 AM
uh oh.. jordan trying the freethrow line dunk while having an opponent 3 feet away..

but having the dream is nice! hope he'll have his own post package!!
# 6 KG#5beantown @ 08/08/11 12:39 PM
am I seeing a new knee brace on bill cartwrights right knee???
# 7 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/08/11 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by KG#5beantown
am I seeing a new knee brace on bill cartwrights right knee???
Great catch KG!!
# 8 alexgamez122 @ 08/08/11 07:37 PM
Hakeem !!!
# 9 DubTrey1 @ 08/08/11 09:14 PM
Nice to see the throwback Rockets - Dream and OT..... I hope one of the challenges is Mad Max (Vernon Maxwell) trying to lock down MJ. He was one of the better defenders of MJ back in the day.
# 10 SLD123 @ 08/09/11 10:22 PM
I hope they fix Scottie Pippen's hair...instead of him having that temptations crap
# 11 aloncho11 @ 08/10/11 12:24 PM
His overall face needs fixing. by the screens I can see that they made MJ a tad darker like he should be, the same attention to detail should be put to Pip, as his default face in 2K11 look kind of generic.


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