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Pittsburgh Steelers

Singleback Pitt Y-Trips-Pitt Stick N Slide

When QB Ben Roethlisberger returned to the lineup the Steelers' passing offense started to take off. Besides the speedster Mike Wallace and old reliable Hines Ward on the outside, Roethlisberger also likes to involve TE Heath Miller in the passing game. On this play, Miller will run a 5 yard stick route and after a short delay, he will run inside underneath. This play is effective versus man coverage as the defender will usually jump the stick route and allow Miller to create separation to the inside when he takes off over the middle.

Baltimore Ravens

Quarters Normal Dbl Loop 3

The Baltimore Ravens through the years have been one of the best defensive teams in the NFL. The Ravens have been especially good with their overload fire zone schemes. DBL Loop 3 is an overload fire zone concept that's used to bring pressure to the weak side of the offense.

Cleveland Browns

Strong Pro-DBL Pump n Go's

After setting up the defense by running a few underneath curl and out routes, teams will often try and take a shot down the field with double move routes in hopes of catching the defense off guard for a big play. In this play, the Browns use an Out and Up route on the left side of the formation and a Curl and Go on the right. In Madden NFL 12, you can now pump fake to individual receivers by holding the L-trigger as well as the receiver icon to increase the chances of the defender biting on the fake.

Cincinnati Bengals

Nickel Normal Sugar 2 Buzz Invert

The Bengals are an aggressive attacking defensive unit that looks to create havoc with their defensive schemes. Double A Gap schemes in which two linebackers align in both A gaps are a favorite of the Bengals. Nickel Normal Sugar 2 Buzz Invert is a two deep four under fire zone concept that uses the Double A Gap look pre-snap.

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Member Comments
# 1 LambertandHam @ 08/08/11 04:27 PM
I can see myself using tons of play action as Big Ben, if I don't get sacked right after the snap.
# 2 jbd345 @ 08/08/11 04:29 PM
wow the camera shaking after the browns touchdown is a nice touch to the presentation.
# 3 Mike Smoove @ 08/08/11 04:30 PM
that second pass by McCoy was beatiful
# 4 schnaidt1 @ 08/08/11 04:30 PM
cleveland wr was wideopen and still had to do that turn around and catch the ball animatio because it is thrown behind him. is it impossible to hit a wr in stride???
# 5 Mike Smoove @ 08/08/11 04:37 PM
in stride would be that over the shoulder catch animation, think its 2 of them.
# 6 realone504 @ 08/08/11 04:42 PM
we really need a saints video
# 7 Yeah...THAT Guy @ 08/08/11 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by schnaidt1
cleveland wr was wideopen and still had to do that turn around and catch the ball animatio because it is thrown behind him. is it impossible to hit a wr in stride???
Not with Colt McCoy's noodle arm lol

Edit: And at the same time, this is pretty realistic in this particular instance because he was so open, you'd rather underthrow him than over throw him, and McCoy is inaccurate on his deep ball.
# 8 ShavarHayes @ 08/08/11 05:22 PM
But did ya see the double move on the touchdown pass??? That was awesome! Imagine that route with a burner that has 90+ Route Running...wow. I like to see double moves, pump fakes, etc work in Madden. Great sense of realism.
# 9 steelernation28 @ 08/08/11 05:55 PM
Steelers! Wow, the black and gold has never looked better.

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