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The Madden NFL 12 demo is available now. Please play a few games and post your impressions here. For now, just search under "M" in the demos section or games section. It weights in at 1.53 GB.

UPDATE: The PS3 demo is available now.

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# 1 Kahuma @ 08/09/11 04:09 AM
I am downloading it now and I tell you, the Download Bar is amazing. Nice and crisp, and the download speed seems to be very consistent.

EDIT: Playing on All-Madden

Rosters are not updated, no Roy Williams or barber on the Bears. No way to edit depth chart. Visuals are greatly improved, kicking is actually hard now.

First offensive play for me, Forte is hammered and fumbles.

More to come later.
# 2 DUDERMAN @ 08/09/11 04:42 AM
First impressions:

Presentation is great, much better than I thought.

Reply system is way too short like past Maddens. You only get the last 5 seconds it seems of a play.

Tackling is definitely improved.

Looks like they have new facial animations. Clay Matthews looks... odd when smiling.
# 3 DUDERMAN @ 08/09/11 04:49 AM
Surprised to see that they have full slider control for the demo.
# 4 DUDERMAN @ 08/09/11 04:53 AM
QB strafing is incredibly fast. This needs to be fixed.
# 5 ClevelandinDistress @ 08/09/11 04:58 AM
Some observations

Game is beautiful! Loving the colours!
Hitting is much smoother
Don't like the qb shuffling from side to side (it's way too fast)
Some transitional animations from huddle to line of scrimmage are very awkward
Some replay angles close up show horrible Jogging animations
Turf and jerseys look beautiful
Passing game seems improved
Running game feels very similar to NCAA 12

That's all for now!
# 6 radatdude2 @ 08/09/11 05:03 AM
I don't know if its because i been really waiting for this demo or im not found of the teams, but i gotta say as much as i want to love this game im a little disappointed. I know its only a demo and the game is weird with no commentary, but the game doesn't play as well as NCAA and the player models only look good when close up. Right now all the players look very similar in size in the standard camera view, which isn't the case in NCAA. Im going to get some rest and put fresh eyes to this later.

note: looks like the demo doesn't have the updated rosters as stated in the article.
# 7 DUDERMAN @ 08/09/11 05:12 AM
Zone D is MUCH better. The defense fooled me a couple times which normally never happens in Madden.

All pro is way too easy for defense. Held the Bears to 7 passing yards, -4 rushing yards, and had 10 sacks. Sliders should fix this.

Play action is still an instant sack. Tried in on 3 different occasions, never had a chance to throw the ball.
# 8 JMD @ 08/09/11 05:13 AM
I've only played on quarter so far so I can't form an opinion yet however I'm seeing what looks to be a serious flaw so far. Twice The Bears have punted to me, both times my punt return blockers have just moved out of the way instead of actually blocking, allowing my punt returner to get nailed and he has fumbled both times. WTF is this?

New kick meter is excellent. Back to the game.
# 9 thisisasticup @ 08/09/11 05:18 AM
Game looks a lot better than last years

called 4-3 cover 3 on my first defensive play and picked off aaron rodgers.

Kicking is definitely a lot tougher so far, the new kick meter is a little "odd"

Tackling is improved just as NCAA's was.

You can change sliders/difficulty, etc.

The passing/release seems to be similar to NCAA where you have to start your deep throws early or you won't get the pass off.

Drags don't seem to be as effective(thank god)

pump fake button still sucks, because you can't protect the ball as the QB when you get hit because its the same button.

Haven't seen the surprise onside kick option

play action worked well for me when i set it up, out of shotgun and i-form

Aaron Rodgers runs like michael vick
# 10 DUDERMAN @ 08/09/11 05:28 AM
Crowd loudly booed when I picked off Cutler for the second time. First time I've heard that in Madden in awhile.

When showing a player getting up after a play, it seems refs and background objects/people will randomly appear and disappear.

While the tackling is improved, it seems every hit is a "big hit". Haven't seen much standard wrap up tackling. Every time I get hit, I get thrown in one direction
# 11 NikeBlitz @ 08/09/11 05:29 AM
+ : Beautiful, EA television broadcast style is really NICE, OL-DL interaction better (like NCAA FB 12), zone D correct, no suction, tackling looks good, ball physics improved (not perfect but better) ...

- : Replays are too short & lack of "authenticity", QBs are way to fast, too many big hits, no WR/CB interaction, Super LB still here ...
# 12 grismosw @ 08/09/11 05:32 AM
Got a half in and was up 10-0 as the Packers. We picked off Cutler 3 times so I'd say that was pretty realistic

Enjoyed the little time I had to play. The players seem to have more weight about them than NCAA does which is a good thing. The Bears were able to bring some heat on me, looking at the replays my offensive line blocked the correct guys but I failed adjust my protection so they often out numbered my protection.
# 13 ClevelandinDistress @ 08/09/11 05:39 AM
Absolutely pathetic half time show! Couldn't even put in some stats? Unexceptable
# 14 Dbrentonbuck @ 08/09/11 05:40 AM
Just a few randon thoughts from all pro difficulty... I was playing as the bears. 1st half was on normal speed, second on slow.

1. For me, slow speed was much better... a lot less glitchy, quick, sliding type movements. On the normal setting, it seemed like guys would accelerate unnaturally at times and the qb seemed like he had jet skates on.

2. Way too easy to get pressure. Bears had around 10 sacks, though I will say I sacked a lot more on normal speed than slow.

3. I don't know if it is just me, but neither team could get the run game going. The only one who had a decent rush was Rodgers rushed for about 10 yards. He plays like he is denard robinson on the demo.

4. Impressed with the presentation. Everything looks good. Like seeing Urlacker come out with the flag.

5. I don't think the deep zones are as broken as NCAA. The inside man was covered more times than not on 4 verts.

6. Although, there still could be an issue. GB managed to hit a bomb down field and there was literally no one near the WR. Could have just been a bad play call. I too had a 48 yard bomb down field to Hester where there was no one even near him. Again, could be a deep ball issue or just bad play calling. I was using the gameplan and not really paying attention.

7. Replays are way too short.

8. Field and Jerseys look great, though they did in NCAA before the patch as well.

9. I didn't have any success on the play action, but I can't say I set it up because I couldn't run the ball,

10. Over all, I like the game. I think it needs a good set of sliders and some tuning.

11. Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I don't like the streamlined pre snap controls. Like I could not hit x and then a direction for a formation audible. I had to hit X and then use the d pad to scroll down the list to select the audible.

12. I didn't play enough, but from what I did, Super LB are not as bad as in NCAA.
# 15 ClevelandinDistress @ 08/09/11 05:43 AM
Injuries look really cool with full replay and cutscene of getting carted off the field
# 16 JMD @ 08/09/11 05:59 AM
It seems that the quick passes to the flats and screen passes are better defended now, however the WR across the middle is still pretty much money every time. Sliders will need to be tested as always in the final build to correct this problem.

I've now played two games and over all, I am not impressed. I'll play a lot more today after work, so far, EA still hasn't stopped me from missing 2k football.
# 17 Johns Jets @ 08/09/11 06:03 AM
Just had one quick game and first impressions are good for me. I agree with all the little niggles that others have pointed out such as replays and fast QBs etc but hopefully these things will be fixed for the full game.

What I'm most pleased about is that it definitely feels different. This is just after one game so maybe I could be worng but I got the impression that there won't be so much offense this year. Also, on All-Pro, the CPU had good time of posession. again, it was my first go so as I get better I'm sure some of these things will change and it might get easy again but so far, so good other than the small issues that have been mentioned by others.
# 18 LuGer33 @ 08/09/11 06:10 AM
+ Dynamic lighting as the game progresses. Awesome!
# 19 MrSkagTrendy @ 08/09/11 06:10 AM
the atmosphere when chicago score is INCREDIBLE! i love it! the thing i'd like to see so far is a bit more emotion when the away team scores. obviously not from the crowd, but so far, both times i've scored rodgers has just jogged straight back to the sideline after throwing a td.

Originally Posted by ClevelandinDistress
you're forgetting he was up against a professional NFL lineman. matthews is good but he's not superman.
# 20 bodymore @ 08/09/11 06:16 AM
Is it me or is defending the deep ball the same as last year. Every time I try and defend the pass the defender throws up alligator arms. It seems NCAA has better control. also Rodgers is super fast. And why are the player models so small? NCAA players look perfect to me.

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