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# 1 jaiman @ 08/10/11 06:01 PM
Who cares. Show us gameplay enhancements EA. Enough with these pointless videos. You've let us down enough with your "BIG" announcement!
# 2 kerosene31 @ 08/10/11 07:29 PM
Thank you! Thank you!

This is a great thing and badly needed (at least for those of us with smaller EASHL teams).

There is nothing worse than having a playmaker center with points in faceoffs being forced to play D.

I play left D on my team, but it will be nice to have a quick option to switch with my LW now and then. Plus, you never know who is online and you always need one human D, and if you aren't spec'd out right for D you are probably going to get burned.
# 3 plaidchuck @ 08/10/11 09:23 PM
Thumbs up on this, thumbs down on the seperate cards for goalies. I thought they wanted to encourage 6v6?
# 4 BamaWing @ 08/11/11 01:10 PM
This is one of the things I'm most pleased with as far as additions. I play mostly all club games and I prefer to play whatever position is needed. I do play C or RW mainly but being able to load up a dman without losing my forward setup is a plus.

I also just started playing net as I figured I"m a pretty good goalie having never played it in previous years. I was gonna actually play it next year when needed but that's before I found out about the separate cards. I'll still play goalie but doubt it'll be 150+ which kinda sucks.
# 5 SinisterAlex @ 08/11/11 02:20 PM
They'll be announcing something big on Twitter and Facebook shortly? So either this video was made before the legends announcement, or they have one more thing up their sleeves.

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