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ESPN The Gamer has posted the Madden NFL 12 player ratings for the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

Are there any changes you would like to see, or are they just about right?

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# 1 stopper654 @ 08/11/11 05:56 AM
SMH at Terrence Newman's 97 SPD

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# 2 Nev @ 08/11/11 06:41 AM
Dwayne Harris - 44 Route Running

I'm not saying the guy should have 90 route running, just would have thought a WR could run better routes than a 7th round FB.

Also don't see Josh Brent on the Cowboys roster.
# 3 RGiles36 @ 08/11/11 08:41 AM
Yea, Josh Brent def has to be added if he's not there (I didn't check myself).

Ratings are subjective so there's always going to be a difference of opinion. So with that said, not much to complain about. Can't expect Donny to have pulse on every single player on your favorite team.

I will be bumping Felix Jones injury rating some though. He was pretty durable last year when taking on a heavier load. The 75 rating seems to only take into account his first 2 seasons.
# 4 CM Hooe @ 08/11/11 09:03 AM
Demarco Murray looks like a fun player to have on the team. Very versatile.

And our secondary is terrible, haha.
# 5 angels eclipse7 @ 08/11/11 09:32 AM
Newman, Ball, and Jenkins are all overrated. They were horrible last year. HORRIBLE!
# 6 nl15 @ 08/11/11 09:52 AM
The Giants have a good secondary.
# 7 RGiles36 @ 08/11/11 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by damien6663
bunch of cowboys homers in here...what was their record last year? I know you guys are used to the boys being god re-incarnated on madden but they were not very good last year.
True...but no one questions the talent on that team. Sure, some players have something to prove this year (Spencer, Jenkins, a few others), but talent has never been the question.

As such, I think most of the players are rated appropriately at the moment. I might would've moved Doug Free up one tick
# 8 Uncle Way @ 08/11/11 12:12 PM
Romo and the entire secondary are all overrated...
# 9 gccosph @ 08/11/11 12:59 PM
Americas Team is looking good. Bruce Carter 88 speed 92 acc. O ya. Dallas Cowboys!!!!
# 10 gccosph @ 08/11/11 01:14 PM
Tyron Smith 72 speed 85 ACC. It's gonna be raining screens in Dallas. Big Doug Free on the other side with 68 speed, I likey. Demarco Murry 93 speed and Miller 90 speed (who will make the team!!!). Can anybody explain Sean Lees ACC though? I mean why is it that low? I heard Newman before his injury was looking quicker then ever and last year was a fluke with zero safetey help, poor D line play, and predictable Wade Philips Defensive calls. All those that say Newman has lost a step....WE WILL see with a new defensive system.
# 11 JayInSaratoga @ 08/11/11 01:23 PM
A few comments on the Giants roster:

  1. I'm a bit surprised to see Jernigan has "only" 90 speed. He was billed as one of the fastest receivers in the draft, though raw as a receiving prospect.
  2. Which one of DeOssie's relatives works on the ratings team ? The guy is an outstanding special teams player, but he hasn't really panned out at LB. I don't believe the giants even list him as a linebacker anymore, just as an LS.
  3. Really pleased with how they rated D.Scott. High speed and acceleration with a more average agility. This should reflect the one-cut style that he could excel with at the pro level. I hope he has a decent potential for franchise mode.
# 12 Scott @ 08/11/11 01:26 PM
I love how homers of other teams think they know everything about every player in the NFL.
# 13 ANDROMADA 1 @ 08/11/11 01:31 PM
Romo should have accuracy in the 90's and be rated over 90 overall.

Newman is a little low in the tackle area, He is a decent tackler actually. Maybe give him a 65 tackle.

Doug Free should be a little higher overall.
Kitna is waaaaaay to high. I'd drop him about ten points.
Miles Austin is rated too low. He has excellent hands. Should be in the ninties and over 90 rated overall.
# 14 brettmickey @ 08/11/11 01:43 PM
The Giants CBs are soliddd. They can definitely handle any 4 WR sets anyone throws at them.
# 15 abjsuperstar @ 08/11/11 02:02 PM
cowboys have there speed again
# 16 brettmickey @ 08/11/11 02:26 PM
Originally Posted by Giants4Natic
Why don't we just give the Cowboys players all 99 so that it can be realistic as Cowboy fans say.
The Cowboys can do no wrong
# 17 GoodImmigrant @ 08/11/11 02:26 PM
Romo is overrated. Jerry Jones should bring back Quincy Carter if he wants the Cowboys to win it all.

# 18 FedExPope @ 08/11/11 02:33 PM
So this means Felix Jones will be the starting RB when I play against the Cowboys in franchise right? Since it usually goes by highest rating. Will be funny to watch him try to run up the middle over and over...until the 3rd quarter that is, when the inevitable cowboys pass fest starts. Not complaining but, they seem to forget about the run later on in games.
# 19 CM Hooe @ 08/11/11 02:40 PM
Honestly I just bask in the Tony Romo hate at this point.

He's not one of the elites (that is, not Peyton / Brady / Rodgers / Brees / Roethlisberger / Rivers) , but still a damn good quarterback, and to deny that is simply foolish.
# 20 wrestlinggod1 @ 08/11/11 02:45 PM
Originally Posted by Scott
I love how homers of other teams think they know everything about every player in the NFL.
Yea seriously.. I stick to my Dolphins and Heat.

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