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Electronic Arts (ERTS) announced today that it will bring nine of the greatest players in NHL history to EA SPORTS™ NHL®12. The nine NHL greats will be integrated into the game across virtually every mode, including the all-new Be A Legend Mode, adding a new and exciting dimension to the EA SPORTS NHL series. In Be A Legend, gamers will experience the glory of playing their entire Be A Pro career as one of the nine legends as they attempt to shatter the most impressive records in hockey, achieve legendary milestones and complete legends tasks.

In addition, gamers will have the ability to add legends to any team roster in Be a GM mode, or collect ultra-rare legends cards and use them within their Hockey Ultimate Team experience. In Be a Pro mode, gamers can strive to ‘Be the Next Great Legend’ as they attempt to reach legendary milestones and complete legends tasks throughout their Be A Pro character’s career. Finally, gamers can square off against the all-new Legends team, which is comprised of the nine Legends and current NHL greats, in head-to-head play – within Play Now, Online and Battle for the Cup modes – in an attempt to answer the age-old question of how players in today’s era of hockey compare to the game’s all-time greats.

Wayne Gretzky, Ray Bourque and recent U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame inductee and perennial all-star, Chris Chelios, will all be featured as Legends in NHL® 12, along with six additional former NHL greats who will be announced over the course of the next week. For the latest information on NHL 12, become a fan of http://www.facebook.com/easportsnhl or follow http://www.twitter.com/easportsnhl.

The NHL 12 Demo will be available for download worldwide starting August 23 on Xbox LIVE and the Playstation Network. NHL 12 hits retailers on September 9 in Europe and September 13 in North America.

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Member Comments
# 1 OriginJM @ 08/12/11 12:35 AM
Yeah... still cool though. I'll take it as a moderate announcement, nothing more.
# 2 SwinginAs12 @ 08/12/11 07:17 AM
If there's no Orr I will be VERY VERY dissapointed
# 3 tfctillidie @ 08/12/11 08:11 AM
I still want to know what this end game is for this legends stuff. How is it changing the way we play NHL, other than plugging in retired legends into my offline modes....which I certainly don't want.

It's bad enough this announcement disappointing me, but I'm now expecting it to negatively impact my experience offline.
# 4 TDKing @ 08/12/11 10:22 AM
Wonder why we can't get a confirmation on whether this is the "Big Announcement" or not ? I sure hope its NOT, cause I'm not seeing how this changes the way I play the game and all its modes. I could think of 100 other things I would have considered BIG and this isn't one of them. Where is the community/Dev interaction when you really need it ?
# 5 DJ @ 08/12/11 10:42 AM
We'll have to see what "Legends Mode" actually entails. I'm hoping that it's similar to NBA 2K11's Jordan Challenge.

Adding Legends to any current team isn't a horrible idea. I'm not saying I would use it right away, but in a Fantasy Draft situation, it would be nice to have some old-school legends to choose from.
# 6 Scarbro73 @ 08/12/11 11:03 AM
NOT..... blown away by this. I would have preferred legendary teams and the ability to face them in a legendary tournament for some cool avatar awards or achievements.

Nothing to see here. Moving on....
# 7 plaidchuck @ 08/12/11 11:05 AM
Yeeaah Bourque and Chelios don't exactly come to my mind first when I think of all-time greatest legends on Gretzky's level..
# 8 Fiddy @ 08/12/11 11:32 AM
kudos, looks like EA got the faces correct.. woo city!!
# 9 addybojangles @ 08/12/11 11:39 AM
Crap, now I'm going to get destroyed in HUT (only a casual HUT player).
# 10 13whitebread @ 08/12/11 12:21 PM
So I'm just spit balling here and the faces that are blackened are going to be released some where in the future? I thought we were going to get a major announcement not a little bit then commercial wait a few more days then more info. EA knows what buttons to press just like my boss.
# 11 13whitebread @ 08/12/11 12:24 PM
Right you are where is Larry Robinson and Bobby Orr?
# 12 SwinginAs12 @ 08/12/11 12:48 PM
I wonder if being a Captain is related to what legends are put in, seeing that all 3 revealed legends were captains
# 13 Vikes1 @ 08/12/11 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by boilermakernet08
But for a sim-only person like myself, why in the world would you want Gretzky or any other legend on your team if you're playing Be a GM? Still trying to figure out how this will change all game modes.
This is pretty much my thinking too.

I guess I would be tempted though, to put Gretzky back with the Oil, just to see what happens.
# 14 matt8204 @ 08/12/11 02:34 PM
Originally Posted by boilermakernet08
The only way I'd put Gretzky (or any of the legends) into my Be a GM is if their ratings reflected their play AT THIS POINT in their lives. For example, if Gretzky came back as a 50 year old to play a season in the NHL, his ratings should reflect a 50 year old Gretzky rather than having something like a 110 OVR like he would have during his playing career.
He'd probably still find a way to get 100 points.
# 15 bwiggy33 @ 08/12/11 02:40 PM
God this sucks. As much as I love using legends players and teams (I love using old players. Pre lockout hockey is no question the best), I don't want to use them in my Be A GM or Be A Pro. The only time I would use them is in play now, but I never play that. I know others play HUT but I don't. It got really boring after a couple weeks. Why can't they spend this time on making Be A GM more realistic and fun. I just don't get it. This is not something that needed to be done at this point in time. Leave that for the Wii. NBA 2k was able to do their legends mode because they already have the gameplay and franchise at a sim level. NHL is not on that level yet. This game is going to be a major let down if the gameplay has not been been tuned to be more sim. For the first time I am really concerned about buying a hockey game. I never thought I would ever say that being hockey is undoubtedly my favorite sport. Guess I'll have to wait for the demo to come out to see how this game will play gameplay wise.

On a side note the faces on Gretz, Cheli, and Raymond look amazing.
# 16 Vikes1 @ 08/12/11 04:39 PM
Originally Posted by Fiddy
kudos, looks like EA got the faces correct.. woo city!!
Agreed. Very nicely done.

Can you imagine how great it'd be if they also nailed the look of their individual skating styles. Such as Gretzky's hunched over way of skating, as an example.
# 17 ericromain @ 08/12/11 04:49 PM
The players look great, but unless EA NHL can give me (for example) all 26 teams/uniforms/names from the 95-96 season, using retro players feels flat to me. Except for in HUT, it makes sense there.
# 18 jyoung @ 08/12/11 06:52 PM
No Tracy Morgan? In his day, he was fast, agile and accurate. Plus he completed the skills competition.

# 19 I3RIS3H @ 08/12/11 08:25 PM
Sure it's nice to see some of the greats in there, but honestly this doesn't do much for me at all.

This announcement is the least bit of game-changing for me.
# 20 ComaFaction @ 08/13/11 07:06 AM
Why only 9? Seems a little half-assed to me.

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