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Do you play with the Legends in modes like Jordan Challenge or NBA's Greatest or via exhibition modes in sports games? You can vote on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 ybtherockstar @ 08/15/11 10:08 AM
I do. I think it's cool that we can relive the glory days of basketball by playing with legends. Its also a good way for the younger generation to realize the players that paved the way for their favorite players today.
# 2 thetrueBROSKY @ 08/15/11 10:13 AM
Definitely, but not in exhibition mode. Use them in tournament through a draft and assign them to current teams. Makes the current teams even better!
# 3 juicey79 @ 08/15/11 10:29 AM
I do play with them, and I love the options to add them to current teams. It's great to relive and try to challenge great teams
# 4 eaterofworlds888 @ 08/15/11 10:35 AM
yea I use them sometimes. A lot of times when friends are over or I go to a friends house we play with classic teams and although I've never gotten around to doing it I've always wanted to put some of those into an association and see how they do in todays league
# 5 BlackJack_Williams @ 08/15/11 10:55 AM
Nope, not really. I use them once to see how close they play to their real life counter-parts. Other than that, don't really use them.
# 6 RedPhazon8 @ 08/15/11 10:59 AM
As a huge fan of the Jordan Era, I try and use classic teams anytime I get. Since I remember back when it was around 1998 to I guess, now where he wasn't in games.
# 7 LingeringRegime @ 08/15/11 11:01 AM
I play with the Legends more than today's players.
# 8 JohnDoh @ 08/15/11 11:23 AM
Nope... never touch them.
# 9 tril @ 08/15/11 11:30 AM
only when playing a quick game or exhibition.
# 10 TheShizNo1 @ 08/15/11 11:48 AM
Originally Posted by 55
Almost never. The Jordan Challenge in 2k11 was an exception.
Same here. Almost never b/c their would be no difference between the legends and a 99 CAP. 2K11, playing those games felt like being back in that atmosphere.
# 11 mjcolosk @ 08/15/11 12:04 PM
Yes. I love the classic teams & legends.
# 12 williskb24 @ 08/15/11 12:12 PM
i always use the legends..its always awsome to relive the good old days and putting the legends on current teams to play on the the association mode to see how good they do..theres always that what if??? and now with the new legends coming in would be unbearable... i love it lol it should be the same way you could use the legends as in 2k11..
# 13 GlennN @ 08/15/11 12:24 PM
Nope, never. I always want to grow and develop the team on my own, then watch my players over the course of their careers.
# 14 ccoaxum @ 08/15/11 12:26 PM
i don't use them like that..everybody consider them a cheat team(friends) just used them once in while...in my opinion there nice to have on the game but its not a huge thing for me because i know im not going to use them like that.
# 15 DubTrey1 @ 08/15/11 12:27 PM
I fall into the almost never catagory. I may play around with it for the "throw back' fun of messing around with the old school players for a day or so, but then never go back to it ever after that.
# 16 Td1984 @ 08/15/11 12:39 PM
Yes I do, but generally only in Exhibition games (unless there's a non-season/franchise mode where I can use them). However, I don't play exhibition games much.
# 17 murph17 @ 08/15/11 12:42 PM
yes. used to play with the 80 NY Islanders team in 2K hockey all the time.
# 18 Armor and Sword @ 08/15/11 12:50 PM

It is a blast reliving and more importantly reshaping history. I am currently in my second year of using a 1987 roster/full minor league file for The Show 2011. It is the most fun I have ever had with this game.

NBA2K11 will have years of replay value because of the classic rosters and the 2K share rosters out there.

Love it.
# 19 statum71 @ 08/15/11 12:54 PM
Without a doubt!!!

Thats when basketball was REALLY good. I like the Kobes, Dirks, and Carmelos.....but playing as Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Jordan is just such a blast.
# 20 gilla @ 08/15/11 01:25 PM
Originally Posted by 55
Almost never. The Jordan Challenge in 2k11 was an exception.

Same here, started to play jordan challenge when I got bored of association mode and myplayer

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