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# 1 plaidchuck @ 08/17/11 12:54 PM
Agreed having Roenick is an **** facepalm.. how about Joey Mullen... an american that actually won something.
# 2 jyoung @ 08/17/11 01:04 PM
I guess Roenick gets in for being a TV personality kind of like how ESPN's Mike Golic and Merril Hodge got in as "Legends" for All Pro Football 2K8.


# 3 Ridgeberg @ 08/17/11 01:21 PM
Roenick was a legend in NHL 94. Maybe his inclusion is a wink to that.
# 4 gopher_guy @ 08/17/11 01:22 PM

(why is there a minimum number of characters that you have to type???)
# 5 Al_Tito13 @ 08/17/11 01:42 PM
I hope Lemieux and Messier are the last two legends. They both deserve to be there for sure.
# 6 GrandMaster B @ 08/17/11 03:59 PM
Maybe they will release more Legends as DLC down the line.
# 7 UofMfan13 @ 08/17/11 04:13 PM
I wish they put Roy's Kohos in the Avs uni. Not the Habs pad edition. While playing hockey during his Avs' tenure, all the rage was his pads every year.
# 8 adayinthelife @ 08/17/11 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by RealmK
JR?? Over Orr? /facepalm
No kidding. I suppose there are still 2 to go... Either way, this whole thing is ****ing stupid.
# 9 KillHammer @ 08/17/11 04:58 PM
I wonder if they will use Roy's model as the coach for the Quebec Remparts as well.

I was hoping to see Al MacInnis, but he probably wont make it in.
# 10 plaidchuck @ 08/17/11 06:25 PM
Indeed, having Roenick was a kick in the teeth to people dissappointed with this addition to the game.. apparently they just couldn't get anybody else to agree to have their likeness in the game.. and Roenick of course probably contacted them about it the media whore that he is.. this is just disrepectful to the other great American players of the game.

The only plus is I guess I will get some enjoyment from using Matt Cooke in the game to head shot Roenick into oblivion.
# 11 Fiddy @ 08/17/11 07:59 PM
def looks like Mario, last on the left... but who knows with EA!!
# 12 LeafsSteen @ 08/17/11 08:23 PM
Just by the face in that small picture, the Leaf player looks like Borje Salming.
# 13 derekjeter02 @ 08/17/11 08:34 PM
one of them is mario the other is a non helmet player it looks like so im thinking howe or orr and im thinking Howe is Eas pick i dont think thats messier
# 14 Fiddy @ 08/17/11 09:07 PM
pretty cool that some guys know JR personally in here.. good stuff!!

was the Leafs player not announced yet? or did i just miss it somewhere?
# 15 bwiggy33 @ 08/17/11 09:08 PM
You have got to be kidding me. Of course they would add my all time favorite hockey player/athlete (St. Patrick). I was on the fence about this game and even though I'm not a fan of the new legend thing, having Patty Roy in the game just makes me want to get it. The only question I have is will I be able to answer JR's cockiness with "I can't really hear what Jeremy says, because I have two stanley cup rings plugged in my ears." Also I wonder if they have the Patrick Roy wink in the game when he makes a big save haha.
# 16 theaub @ 08/17/11 10:25 PM
I do love JR, but I don't see how having nine legends constitutes some great feature.
# 17 plaidchuck @ 08/17/11 10:44 PM
Meh not a big stretch having Roy he was already in 09 and 10 on the centennial canadiens team. Shouldve also put hextall in, at least they could tie that in with the goalie fighting.
# 18 Gagnon39 @ 08/17/11 11:18 PM


All-time favorite hockey player and the reason I got into hockey, became a Blackhawks fan, and a Chicago sports fan in general. Thanks for the memories JR!
# 19 Gagnon39 @ 08/17/11 11:20 PM
And to all the Roenick haters.... well, I'll be nice.


If you don't like him, that's your thing. LOVE HIM. I will never have another favorite player.
# 20 Gagnon39 @ 08/17/11 11:27 PM
One last note, might as well make it the hat trick.

Roenick deserves to be on this list simply because it is EA's hockey game. He was a god in NHL 94. Is he a legend? I'd have to say that I'd have a hard time convincing anyone of that. But he was pretty darn good.

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