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# 1 ComaFaction @ 08/18/11 06:12 AM
Pretty cool they re-created the goal vs. Jon Casey. Still think one defensive pair and 2 forward lines is underwhelming. Blow it up if you're going to do it at all.
# 2 Mikey88 @ 08/18/11 08:19 AM
Dang i wanted them to add Dougie Gilmour for a Leaf Legend, but Salming will do i guess hehe
# 3 SGMRock @ 08/18/11 02:08 PM
Seeing Yzerman in that Lightning uniform made me want to hurl!!
# 4 drewst18 @ 08/18/11 02:16 PM
Messier and Roy for sure... gotta have the whole original 6 represented.
# 5 KillHammer @ 08/18/11 04:37 PM
Does every trailer have to show a player running over a goalie?
# 6 13whitebread @ 08/18/11 08:12 PM
When does this man become a legend? After this injury this man led his team to three Stanley cups. He also has won the Conn Smyth Trophy. He also put together the last Canadian Olympic team that won the Gold. After his first year as a general manager he came within one game of his team going to the Stanley cup finals. The Tampa Bay Lighting probably would have won had he laced up the skates in game 7 right ST. Louis fans. Scotty Bowman called him the best two way hockey player of all time. Ask Chicago Stanley Cup 2010 how good Bowman's assessment on talent are. My question is when does he become a legend? The time is now thanks Ea sports well deserved Stevie Y We miss you in Hockey town!
# 7 SGMRock @ 08/19/11 12:11 PM
derek I'm a huge Yzerman fan not just for his play but for the type of person he is.

That eye injury though was in 2004 versus Calgary and probably the reason they lost that game and series.

"After this injury this man led his team to three Stanley cups. He also has won the Conn Smyth Trophy."
So that statement above is incorrect. It is correct however that in 1988 he was hit from behind and rammed into the goalpost on his knee back when nets were solid and didn't have the break away pegs they have now. This caused a knee injury that hampered him the rest of his career, after that he still won 3 Stanley Cups, the last one in 2002 when this same knee was so bad he could hardly play but he still did and put up big numbers in the playoffs that year. 23 points I believe it was.
# 8 13whitebread @ 08/19/11 02:46 PM
Glad I work for the railroad and not a journalist my editor would have been all over me for the misprint LOL.

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