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With us finding out more and more about who's in and who's out of NBA's Greatest Mode, what do you think? Do you like the lineup of teams or are you a tad disappointed? You can vote on the frontpage to your right and above you in the forums.

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# 1 FBeaule04 @ 08/22/11 09:39 AM
I like it a lot. Never been a "great" NBA fan but I was hooked when MJ was playing. The amount of teams offered, I won't compare with what NHL 12 is trying to do, is just amazing. For sure I'll be playing around with it, that's for sure.
# 2 slliMMills @ 08/22/11 09:40 AM
Im loving them...Much more players then last year. So now the roster creators dont have to recreate as many players.
# 3 bigdnlaca @ 08/22/11 09:44 AM
Yes and no. Im happy to see small market teams with hall of famers in the game. I would like 2k to expand this mode to a possible greatest team mode where every franchise has at least 1 of their best teams and retro arena. For example, 88 mavs vs. 06 heat
# 4 capwulf @ 08/22/11 09:45 AM
I think they are fantastic. I would have loved to see Bernard King or an older Jazz team,but these are all fine additions. I hope that they have retro Jerseys for some of these newer squads.
# 5 capwulf @ 08/22/11 09:46 AM
All time franchise is an amazing idea bigd
# 6 bigdnlaca @ 08/22/11 10:01 AM
Yeah either greatest team mode or all time franchise mode where the best players of a franchise make up a team. Me beng from los angeles, i grew up with the Lakers dominating the city but there was a couple of times in the early 90s where the clippers had a better team coached by Larry Brown.

Just want 2k to think that just because one team is irrelevant now, doesn't mean they were always irrelevant in history of the nba. For example The Warriors but they recognized the 91 team with run tmc.
# 7 RedPhazon8 @ 08/22/11 10:41 AM
I just got back into following the NBA when Derrick Rose entered as a Bull. Other than that I only followed MJ when he played so with this I can see what other teams had it going on during whenever. I think the line-up is pretty good, considering there's around 30 classic teams. You could do a whole association/season with them to see which one's the best (in-game at least...).
# 8 statum71 @ 08/22/11 10:49 AM

Still wish the Ice Man and the Spurs would've made it though.
I wanna execute that "fangaroll."
# 9 gilla @ 08/22/11 11:24 AM
players look promising, but I doubt I'll pick up this years game until the lockout ends, don't want to play with all the freeagents on their old teams, although this mode would give some playing time before the players are back.
# 10 Dwadefan @ 08/22/11 11:28 AM
A lot of the guys are from last year's game so I am lukewarm about it at this point
# 11 juicey79 @ 08/22/11 11:33 AM
I'm loving this so much right now...already reserved it I would even buy dlc teams if they offer it...I love 95 magic, 98 lakers, and of course MJ. I also like the fact you have to play outside the box to unlock them.
# 12 mreyes930 @ 08/22/11 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by statum71

Still wish the Ice Man and the Spurs would've made it though.
I wanna execute that "fangaroll."
Although Gervin's Spurs teams won't be in the game, he will be with the '86 Bulls so that "fangaroll" is still possiblle.

I am super excited for this game. With the inclusion of these classic teams, it's gonna be hard to ever go back to playing with current teams again.
# 13 eko718 @ 08/22/11 11:46 AM
Great lineup with some glaring omissions and odd inclusions.
# 14 spottieottiedop @ 08/22/11 11:54 AM
When I read the initial 15 Legends listing I was little underwhelmed (Malone and Stockton should count as one legend IMO to allow an extra legend and I wanted Nique & Barkley in the 15) but when I saw how 2K basically used the opponents' the Legends are up against to cram more all time greats, I was amped. Run TMC especially and actually I would have preferred the 89-90 Phoenix Suns over the Kings.
# 15 eaterofworlds888 @ 08/22/11 12:33 PM
Most of these teams are really cool. I'm especially excited about the 1998 Lakers. That brings back a lot of memories. once they put 99-00, 00-01, 01-02 Lakers THEN will I be totally stoked. Coolest things about this year though is 96 Hornets. Muggsy Bouges FTW!!!!!
# 16 rudeworld @ 08/22/11 12:45 PM
I like what they are doing and will give it a run through... but maybe next year they can expand on it a bit and add "ALL TIME ALL-STAR TEAM".... like the Greatest Knicks players Vs. the Greatest Bulls.... I can see a Lakers team where Kobe is not even a starter even though he is rated in the high 90's..... sure every team would NOT be as powerful... but I am sure every NBA team fan would love to see the best players from their team together on one court....
# 17 SwagDoc101 @ 08/22/11 02:29 PM
very excited about this game and the differnet player and game matchups im going to create after unlocking all the teams...just hoping 2k keep is spot on with each players signature style of play... been wanting to play with young penny, slim shaq, and a raw kobe for awhile now
# 18 Control-X @ 08/22/11 03:03 PM
NBA 2K12 Team lineup + Barkley = Very very excited

NBA 2K12 Team lineup - Barkley = Lukewarm, and pissed @ Charles
# 19 wyoming @ 08/22/11 04:40 PM
The 2K team is awesome. Every year this game gets better and better. Man I can't wait to get my hands on this game.BIG BIG PROPS 2K TEAM AND PRODUCERS!!!!
# 20 Betaartiz @ 08/22/11 10:04 PM
Hey everyone i kow what i love about the site but let hear what ya'll gotta say about it! lets get the chat rolin Thanks all i love this site!

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