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Gaming Illustrated has posted their FIFA 12 interview with Santiago Jaramillo, Gameplay Producer.

GI: A lot of people also want to hear about improvements to the career mode, which looks like has gotten some interesting content added where activities away from the pitch matter in the course of a career. Could you clue us into some new features on this mode as well?

Jaramillo: This year Career Mode will initiate transactions and scenarios to test your resolve as a manager. For example, there will be bigger decisions to make and more dynamic challenges. Evaluation Logic has been improved to reflect a player’s true value, and we added a new scouting feature to better identify players. Career Mode is now driven by the same drama, storylines and emotion of the real world. If it happens in real life, it can happen in our game. Managing team chemistry is vital to your success, players react like they do in real life to playing time, form, injuries, league position, and player morale impacts the game on the pitch. Storylines are created through Career Mode and then dynamically fed into the game. Plus, we have expanded Transfer Deadline Day to bring more emotion, urgency and drama to the mode.Career Mode is a feature that our core fans love, and we know the best way to build an experience they want is to listen. We’ve also done many testing sessions with fans to give us feedback on this year’s Career Mode. The community suggested features that we have integrated into the game, including, Email System, Loans, and Extended Transfer Deadline, and we have improved fundamental elements of the mode, such as player growth and team budgets.

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# 1 RoyceDa59 @ 08/23/11 07:45 AM
Jaramillo believes this the best "soccer" game ever developed , we shall see soon enough.
# 2 TheTodd84 @ 08/23/11 09:06 AM
"We have basically ripped out our old collisions system and replaced it with a brand new one that we have been developing for the past two years. While our old collisions system was very good, it had limitations in terms of the technology. The Player Impact Engine allows us to solve a lot of situations that occur in soccer that we just couldn’t solve with our old system."

Madden and NCAA, PLEASE take note of this... look at what it did for FIFA, just imagine what it could do for your games. FIFA "gets it." Madden and NCAA are still way behind.
# 3 LucianoJJ @ 08/23/11 02:49 PM
GI: The next major piece is the new “precision dribbling” feature that takes the dribbling 360 experience to a whole new level, according to reports. Just how granular is this new dribbling experience and how will it affect on-the-pitch play?

Jaramillo: We’ve made changes to the way we think about attacking in FIFA with the addition of our new feature called Precision Dribbling. Essentially, we have added the ability for a player to keep close control of the ball in traffic, and we’ve also added the ability for the player to dribble while shielding. These two changes should allow you to buy yourself some more time on the ball to make decisions, or wait for your teammates to join the attack. The main thing that we wanted to accomplish with this feature, though, is to make that area just at the top of the penalty area more accessible. If you think of teams like Barcelona, they live and breathe in that area just outside of the D, probing, taking players on, playing 1-2’s and waiting for an opportunity for that defence to open up so they can play a pass in and take a crack at goal. In FIFA 11, if you got into that interesting real estate, you immediately had 2 heat seeking missiles coming at you, armed with automated tackling, and a limited ability to navigate the traffic or successfully shield. This meant that you usually had to immediately press pass and get out of that area. Now, with Precision Dribbling those tight areas of the pitch can be utilized to create chances, and find new interesting ways to break down the opposition.

This is huge. Improving the midfield buildup is important. The two standard attack modes are sprint down the wings, then cross into the box and pray for a header into the net, and through ball, sprint to the box, and hope to beat the keeper one on one. Having the added mode of working the ball around outside the box opens up a lot of opportunities. You could get more direct free kicks within scoring range. You could get more shots within the box. You could score from the outside with medium range shots. If EA Canada can pull this off, FIFA 12 will get even closer to being a sim. I am optimistic.

# 4 209vaughn @ 08/23/11 05:25 PM
I absolutely cant wait for FIFA 12...
# 5 209vaughn @ 08/23/11 05:29 PM
I love how the FIFA staff embrance what was wrong with last years game and aknowldege where upgrades need to be made, unlike the NCAA staff.

Actually being able to have time on the ball this year will make the game a lot more fun, and allow for creativity, as apposed to dumbing the attack due to a few simple methods of attack... 1-2 pass with a lobbed through ball - for the break away goal.... Or rush to the corner of the pitch and toss in a perfect cross for a header that goes in 30% of the time. In FIFA these are the most common goals, in real life they are NOT the most common types of goals.
# 6 BrianFifaFan @ 08/23/11 05:42 PM
Hmmm, Joey Votto likes palying Fifa? Gonna have to find his gamer tag!
# 7 mjarz02 @ 08/23/11 05:47 PM
Love the Fifa Series and 11 is tons of fun, still playing it to this day. The dribbling system is something i cant wait for, its something that 11 completely lacks. I'm a huge American football fan, but the fifa series is the most fun to play of all the EA games. The end of september can not come soon enough. FIfa 12 will cause me to buy the EA Sports season ticket just for the early release!
# 8 Super Glock @ 08/23/11 07:18 PM
Wow really liked this interview and the game sounds amazing. I'm a soccer noob and was considering PES but not anymore. I just preordered FIFA from Amazon. So looking forward to this.
# 9 Matt10 @ 08/23/11 09:27 PM
I'm excited to try it.

That said, FIFA needs to get off this mechanical approach to the beautiful game. Leave the features for the programmers, and just present it to the consumers as realistic gameplay. IF you're going to get technical, take it from the standpoint of the manager, not a player.
# 10 209vaughn @ 08/24/11 09:27 AM
Super Glock, you wont regret it. One of the best games currently out. I'm a former die-hard American NCAA Football fan - who now is a FIFA freak.
# 11 coach422001 @ 08/24/11 07:39 PM
I'm interested in the "scenarios" he mentioned. I was telling someone the other day "Wouldn't it be fun to start up Fifa 12 as Arsenal, and see you have several major player transferred and oodles of cash, and a goal is to bring in two major replacements.' Or taking on a club with "financial troubles" and having to transfer players for the balance sheet but still avoid relegation. Things along those lines would be fun. I know the "board" tells me each year "top 10" or "win the league" in previous iterations. Would like feel more of the pains (and rewards) of managing a club.

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