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# 1 Td1984 @ 08/23/11 03:59 PM
My only real gripe was that at times it felt like I was skating on sand and making sharp turns was difficult (though it could be part of the new engine). I'll likely wait until at least October to buy it though.
# 2 bscbears99 @ 08/23/11 04:26 PM
To me the demo has a very similar feel to me as last years game. Hockey is my #1 sport so I will probably always buy it but may have skipped this year after the demo buy simply updating the rosters. However with Winnipeg coming back, I dont want to be playing a game with teams that don't exist.
# 3 steveomac @ 08/23/11 04:53 PM
The demo is great, I like the new skating, it feels alot more real, the AI is alot better, they go for the open spot alot more.

still gotta few issues.

Wish they would make it look more like a real game, the cut scenes and replays and over presentation is to old and has been the same sense 08.

I dont like how they are taking stuff thats been in the game for year and calling it new, goalie fights? thats been in the game before so its not really new.

they really should have trashed the fighting engine, its horrible, you spend the whole game playing in 3rd person then all of a sudden its in first, and everyone leaves the ice, even the people on the bench leave. I dont get why they did it like that in the first place, that should have been the first thing they fix

and I dont like how the ref acts, so life less and computer like, just glides along with out even pumping his feet.

Over all I'm still gonna buy the game, I like that they added all sorts of old players, I do like all the new game play fixes.

cant wait till the 13th.
# 4 bukktown @ 08/23/11 08:15 PM
Originally Posted by DarkFudge
embarrassingly disappointed ....actually for EA for trying to release this as NHL 12. The improvements seem so marginal and pedestrian at best that I simply cannot justify paying $59 + tax for this experience. It may at best feel like a super tuner for NHL 11 rather than a new version for this year.

Im a bit insulted as a consumer that EA will get away with this.......Unless of course the gameplay experience in the actual full retail version will be a much better experience that was in currently in the demo.

As it stands now....Im a little angered as well considering all the hype the development team boasted about all the new gameplay improvements that were included to take the game to the next level....Quite simply, this game doesnt feel like its been taken to any NEXT LEVEL

Im sorry but this is how i feel.....right now
It's funny because that is exactly the way I felt after playing the 2010 and 2011 demos.

But I thought that this one felt different from the first faceoff. There are a lot of new animations that jumped out at me. Of course maybe it is because I sold NHL 11 about 2 months ago.
# 5 mikey3k @ 08/23/11 08:23 PM
If any of you have read ANY posts of mine about the NHL series, you know that I despise the passing system. However, this years version keeps the passing system, but adds some much needed accuracy. Not perfect by FAR but its at least a step in the right direction. I was REALLY hoping they'd change this.

The skating seems a bit more crisp, and player movements more fluid.

Size of players matter, the bigger guys throw around their weight while smaller guys use evasiveness.

The shot accuracy and stick handling seems to have been tuned down-or at least its player attribute specific.

Offense seemingly is geared towards point shots as players robotically go towards the net and start jostling for position- Just asking you to PLEASE try out the new animations in front.

Not sure if this is a purchase for me because the horrible passing system has only been tweaked, and only MINOR updates if ANY including the roster. Thanks EA for madden-izing this series too. Ugh.
# 6 LM1213 @ 08/23/11 09:43 PM
I never really played NHL game. I'm more of basketball 2k man. however, with picking it up and giving it a try I gotta say it was a lot more fun that I expected. I don't know squat about hockey so I wouldn't be able to notice what was not right. I had to look at the controls a little to learn how to switch players, do a shuffle pass (whatever it's called with the RB button), do a normal pass and put the puck out a little. after passing it around and taking some good shots, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It didn't feel cheap or cheated. I feel like I did what I meant to do and got a realistic response.

Again, I am not a pro at hockey, but as a first time pick up and player, I gotta say it was very interesting. I like it. not sure I would pay 60 bucks..but if it was 40 I would grab it in a heartbeat. To me, NBA just felt more polished, but again, I don't play hockey
# 7 Darkimpact17 @ 08/24/11 01:06 AM
The demo was alright didn't find there to be too much difference also seemed like the goalie physics could be exploited still huge fan of NHL but hoping somethings get fixed come release or first patch.
# 8 guaps @ 08/24/11 06:29 AM
The demo doesn't feel much different from NHL 11, so I'll probably skip it. The differences are noticeable, but too insignificant to justify a purchase in my opinion.
# 9 FBeaule04 @ 08/24/11 08:11 AM
All I care about was the improvement of the AI on the defensive side. Seems like it's the case and I'm more than happy with it.

I have to agree that there's not much difference with NHL 11. Since I'm a hockey junkie, I'll get it anyway, but won't be surprise if many skips this year.
# 10 Bubba_Zanetti @ 08/24/11 08:12 AM
Originally Posted by DarkFudge
As it stands now....Im a little angered as well considering all the hype the development team boasted about all the new gameplay improvements that were included to take the game to the next level....Quite simply, this game doesnt feel like its been taken to any NEXT LEVEL
Isn't that the same thing that suckers us in every year? I've learned my lesson and have become very leery of games that have the year attached to it. Especially by a little company whose initials are EA. Sixty bucks is a lot of money.

I'll stick with 11. I want to see what happens to Phoenix and see what the NHL does with realignment and then consider purchasing '13. In the meantime, I want to get at least 2 full seasons in with '11.
# 11 Kaladesskel @ 08/24/11 10:08 AM
Yeah it does feel similar to NHL 11. But Since I don't have 11 anymore, I'll probably end up getting 12.

I have noticed some different animations and such, but really what else can EA add to make it different than the last few games? Not much really, every new game is just an update from the last one. I think the demo would have been a lot better if it were a Winter Classic demo. (have not played Be a Pro just Play Now)

Also, anyone else think a 97 OVR for Luongo was.....too much?
# 12 Perfect Zero @ 08/24/11 10:14 AM
I loved NHL 11 when I got it last year, and I love the NHL 12 Demo. However, I just don't know if the differences can make me buy the new game. The only thing that would make me do it would be the Winnipeg Jets, but the jerseys won't even be authentic in the game, so it's kind of a wash on that. I just can't justify spending more money on a game that is marginally improved.
# 13 savoie2006 @ 08/24/11 10:58 AM
To me the demo seemed alot liked NHL 11. However, it's just a demo so I'm not gonna get all worked up about it. I'll wait until I can play the full version on Sept. 9th (Yes I got Season Ticket or whatever it's called), before I knock or praise the game too much.

The AI does seem more aggressive around the blue lines, which forces more cycling of the puck. Speaking of the puck, it seems to be a bit too bouncy. It feels like a beach ball sometimes the way it bounces off players and such. Not to mention, it always seems to go right to a skater. As I said though, I'll have to wait for the full version before my final judgement. I want to see just how great the new sim engine is and how the game plays with adjusted sliders.
# 14 Inhocmark @ 08/24/11 12:44 PM
I'm still playing the heck out of NHL 11 and while a lot of the elements of 12 feel similar to 11 (and you can say that about EVERY series) the demo for 12 feels a whole lot different.

-The skating feels right. Quick players move quickly while the bigger players don't have the same sort of speed they may have had in 11. People mention quick sand like skating...I say you now see a difference between speedier skaters and bigger less mobile players.

-The physics feel a lot different. I was playing NHL 11 last week so when I say it feels different I'm not thinking back to when I played it last year or 3 months back. The puck moves differently, the stick breaking has been improved, players bounce off bigger players more realistically and the battles in front of the net feel great. This game feels different than 11. Perhaps a bit slower and more deliberate, but that also could be the silders that I had set for myself.

-Goalie/Net Physics - The goalies seemed to be quite a bit more realistic. they scramble around, look for ways to look around the screen and at least on the surface look like their reactions are less canned. I really didn't crash the crease all that much in the few games I played, but in one BAP game I caught myself admiring a nice pass while skating towards the net and bowled Thomas over and of course got a penalty. I'm looking forward to see what sort of havoc a big forward can get himself into legally.

-New animations are pretty cool - Guys losing their lids look sweet (perhaps happening a little too often) and as said above, the front of the net battles look and feel great. At one point my centre, battling out front with the B's D-man subtly lifted his skate to allow a point shot through. Very cool. The size differences in hitting really work well too.

-Speaking of hitting: Last year felt like all or nothing. You got the big hit or you played bumper cars. At least this year it feels like there's a little variety in how you can go into and come out of a hit. It has been said there are too many big hits, but those sliders can be adjusted once the game comes out.
-The AI does different things. I saw more variety in what all the AI players did than I saw in many games in 2011, especially in the offensive zones. I can't wait to see if this plays out to make a tangible difference in the game.

-I love the goal based Be A Pro, I'm anxious to see a more realistic experience in that mode. My Centre was told by the coach in a game where we led 5-1 midway through the third that he felt we were losing steam and getting out played and that he wanted to see me take some shots on goal to stifle that momentum and see out the game. I'm interested to see how this feature expands out in the full game

I don't think it's all good. The presentation feels identical. After EA did hype up that the presentation was getting an overhaul, I really didn't see it in the demo. A lot of re-used commentary and the goal scoring sequence is as bland as it was last year. Hopefully we'll see more when the full game comes out.
# 15 BaylorBearBryant @ 08/24/11 01:43 PM
Definitely buying.
# 16 woody2goody @ 08/24/11 03:50 PM
I didn't vote in the poll because I doubt I'll be buying, but for me it was a definite improvement over the last NHL game I bought, which was '10.

The only goal that was scored in my first game was a great example of good AI. Tanner Glass got the puck behind the net and skated out about 10 feet from the goal. I tried to block the shot by positioning a defender in front of the far post, but he placed a beautiful wrist shot over Tim Thomas' blocker and in. Smart AI = a good hockey game.

NHL 12 just moved into the category of 'buy it if it's cheap somewhere down the line'.
# 17 Reaman @ 08/24/11 06:02 PM
Didn't play it/Won't be buying anyways.

# 18 SGMRock @ 08/25/11 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by Inhocmark
I'm still playing the heck out of NHL 11 and while a lot of the elements of 12 feel similar to 11 (and you can say that about EVERY series) the demo for 12 feels a whole lot different.
I'm with you here, I have been playing NHL 11 all year and still play Be a Pro a Be a GM in 11. I was playing 11 for a couple days getting ready for this demo so I was able to see pretty clearly the differences.

You guys that complain about these games being a .5 upgrade I think you are missing the point. They have a year to do these, they can't rewrite the whole game or add a bunch of stuff. I would rather have them fix or improve stuff and add a couple features that work right every year that try and do too much like NCAA 12 did and mess up a bunch of stuff.

Gameplay is better, AI is better, the physics are better. The puck physics are great. I watch a lot of NHL Hockey and the puck hardly ever sits all nice and pretty like it did in previous NHL games. This year its maybe a bit too bouncy in some cases but a lot of times its dead on.

Guys like Chara hit like Chara and can't be moved very well. I was able to check Chara to the ice once with a smaller player but only because he was standing still and I had a good head of steam when I hit him.
# 19 13whitebread @ 08/25/11 01:16 PM
I will agree the puck physics are much much better. I appears to be a bit choppy but I am sure the real version will be a lot better. A few points of concern IMO are the goalies that get knock down with a player it does not look very real they just kind of fall down in a heap not real good physics. The AI seems to be real challenging you will have to cycle the puck to get scoring chances and that's a good thing. I still hope the final version will be better than the demo maybe more smoother?
# 20 nightcreeper @ 08/26/11 10:37 AM
Yes im getting this game on the first day!

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