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IGN has posted their Grand Slam Tennis 2 hands-on preview. In the article they touch on the new Total Racquet Control system, among a few other things. Anyone looking forward to this one?

The key innovation is Total Racquet Control, which takes its cues from other EA series' like Skate and Fight Night. Essentially the right stick becomes the racquet, and there are a number of ways to hit the ball pull back and flick forwards for top spin, tap forward for a flat shot, and pull back and then release for a slice. Modifier buttons allow for drop shots and lobs, while aiming is based on the direction you push the stick during the various motions.

The system was the result of a fair bit of iteration, according to Thomas Singleton, the line producer on the game. "When we first started working on it," he told us, "we started getting pretty complex with Total Racquet Control. It was more like a Fight Night with lots of swooping motions. It doesn't work well with the fast twitch experience where a tennis ball is travelling past you at upwards of a hundred miles an hour at times in real life, and pretty close to that within the virtual world." Instead, they focused on getting the aiming right and giving players control over the depth of their shots using the full court, in other words.

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# 1 bonannogiovanni @ 08/24/11 08:28 AM
Cleverly done by EA, kudos to them, I'm all for analog control in sport games, and the way it's implemented is very intuitive.
# 2 Dazraz @ 08/24/11 01:35 PM
I'll just be happy for a half decent tennis game that includes an offline multiplayer tournament mode. Single player career modes in tennis games are lifeless. As good a game as Top Spin 4 was the limited modes saw me trade it in soon after purchase.
# 3 statum71 @ 08/24/11 06:16 PM
Its about time a tennis game included commentary. Big fan of TV style presentation. I passed on Top Spin for that very reason.

I think I'll give this one a try.
# 4 The Bimmer @ 08/27/11 01:03 AM
Wow, after reading that I will definitely get this. Does anyone think that the title might give away what career mode may be like??

Grand Slam Tennis 2: The road to centre court. Sound kinda like another E.A title? Tiger Woods golf: The road to the Masters. The license for Augusta now Wimbledon, if career mode is similar to TW that would be real cool.

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