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# 1 alaska2k3 @ 09/01/11 02:09 PM
This game is way better than Madden 12.
# 2 xirdneh132 @ 09/01/11 02:18 PM
Are there problems, yes, but overall I really like the game and I have had a lot of fun playing it. Right now I'm just frustrated waiting for the patch because it seems as though it will really improve the game so I'm waiting.
# 3 jjsmitty34 @ 09/01/11 02:24 PM
I'd like to make my judgement after the patch drops.
# 4 209vaughn @ 09/01/11 02:25 PM
It's the same ole EA football engine, wrapped with a few new bells and whistles.... And TONS of bugs. Sick and tired of the pyschic defense.
# 5 dickey1331 @ 09/01/11 02:37 PM
Great. Best NCAA Ive played. Ive been fortunate to not run into any freezing or any glaring bugs.
# 6 DubTrey1 @ 09/01/11 02:41 PM
Sadly, I have no real opinion since I stopped playing it due to waiting on the patch. I feel the game in not complete in it's current state.
# 7 Gorilla Glass @ 09/01/11 02:55 PM
I like it, but with Madden '12 and Deus EX already out and COD and BF3 about to drop real soon, it may not see the laser from my Xbox 360 for a while.
# 8 Aimbrogn @ 09/01/11 03:10 PM
Has the potential to be a great game if the patch amends the problems that plague this game. Until the patch is released this game is unplayable because of the glitches, psychic defenses, and the freezes that shut down my online dynasty. The programmers at EA should be ashamed of this product as I find it hard to believe that the beta testers and coders could have missed some many problems that plague this garbage. My verdict: Piss beyond poor
# 9 statum71 @ 09/01/11 03:16 PM
Most excited I've been for an NCAA yet. Though the excitement has dropped off quite a bit since the patch is taking so long.

Highly disappointed that the season starts tonight and we're still waiting.......from an early July release.
# 10 LucianoJJ @ 09/01/11 03:39 PM
I find I am enjoying it more for three different reasons: the patch is nearly here, I play shorter quarters to cut down on the frustration, and FIFA 12 will be out at the end of the month. Once I get FIFA, NCAA will be played once or twice a week, tops. While NCAA has disappointed me, I hold out hope that the patch will bring improvements.
# 11 DirtyJerz32 @ 09/01/11 03:44 PM
I like it don't get me wrong. There's just too many things that aren't good about it for me to enjoy.

To many glitches and freezing. I'm running an online dynasty with 7 other guys and every week someone has 3 or more restarts because the game froze. It just makes the game unenjoyable.

The super LB/DB is another thing, but that's just EA's programming and or engine.
# 12 dave731 @ 09/01/11 03:48 PM
I voted average...this game is still unplayable for me as I play online dynasty exclusively. Last year's game was much better in terms of overall working features but had issues as well. Waiting on the patch to finally get my football fix.
# 13 ajaxab @ 09/01/11 03:53 PM
I just traded it in yesterday. I was hoping the patch would have dropped sooner as I might have gotten into it a bit more. With NHL 12, Fifa 12, and NBA 2k12 on the horizon and football starting up on tv, I realized I wasn't going to have much time to play NCAA 12 anyways. It's a shame that this game had to be dumped so soon. I had hoped for better.
# 14 DJ @ 09/01/11 04:08 PM
I'm enjoying the game, and am hopeful the patch will make things even better.
# 15 DaSmerg @ 09/01/11 04:10 PM
NCAA 12 is far and away the superior football product this year and probably the best football game the Tib/EAS team have put out on the so-called "next-gen" consoles. But gawd damn with all the issues in the game.

I'm hopeful for the patch but in perspective, this year is certainly a black eye for the NCAA team. There is no way that this game should have shipped on it's release day.
# 16 Sparkles @ 09/01/11 04:54 PM
im waiting to make a final judgement when the patch comes out, but right now its pretty sweet
# 17 crob8822 @ 09/01/11 05:01 PM
After having trouble tranferring my draft classes to madden, I was about to put the game into the unfavorable file, but after finding a correct way to do it I change my mind back to good. I don't really compare it too madden, since the college and pro game differ in alot of areas. I feel the team at EA have done a comendable job and yes they will send out patches to fix whatever problems, but for myself I am enjoying the game as Video entertainment.
# 18 sniperscout75 @ 09/01/11 05:01 PM
In my opinion to ask this question now before the patch drops with all of the glaring issues I think is a bit premature. Its sad that a question of how you like the game is premature nearly 2 full months after release of the game.

I will reserve my vote for when this game is patched properly. When the game works *cough* I believe it is by far the best to date in the series. This is overwhelmingly obscured however with the MAJOR bugs that it was released with.
# 19 BaylorBearBryant @ 09/01/11 05:15 PM
Very disappointed with all the bugs at initial release and frustrated with the time it's taken to get a second patch out.
# 20 shadia147 @ 09/01/11 05:24 PM
As a CPU/CPU viewer; I think the game is as good as 2006 was at this stage in my season, but with unbelievably better graphics. I havent gotten to the Post Season or Bowl Rankings yet. My plan is to sync my season with Madden. But as to all those bugs I've been hearing about, I don't seem to notice them.
I'll give it a B+ early on.

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