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Eurogamer has posted their F1 2011 hands-on preview.

Cars are a handful then, in every sense. This year sees the return of KERS - a simple boost button that gives an added 80bhp for around seven seconds a lap - and it's joined by the Drag Reduction System. DRS is a more convoluted system that gives trailing cars a little extra speed in order to pass by opening a flap on the rear wing.

Commentators have suggested that all this means that the real-life F1's becoming more like a game, but in truth no game's ever dared have two systems like this working in tandem. It's mighty confusing at first, and it can require some strange contortions when driving. By default KERS sits on the left bumper, with DRS on the face buttons, and when combined with the demands of a manual gearbox it's all a little awkward.

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# 1 Papi34 @ 09/02/11 10:41 AM
A promising read. F1 2010 is one of my all time favourite racers, mainly because if the sensation of speed and wheel to wheel racing you can have when the settings are tuned.

I'm really looking forward to this. Safety cars are definitely in and I don't mind about mechanical failures not being in as they're much rarer in F1 now anyway.

Personally, I think the new tyres/rules and DRS and transformed the sport (I think KERS is meh). This season has had some of the best races for years (China was amazing). I've watched F1 for over 30 years and never used to miss a race, but recent seasons have been such a bore with the processional races.
They're still tweaking DRS as it seems over effective at some tracks, but I'm glad its in (as long as it works!).
# 2 OpusX910 @ 09/03/11 06:10 AM
Agreed Papi...2010 was very good, even with some of its irritating flaws I consider it very close to the first MLB the Show. It was good, but being a new IP had some flaws. With the coming releases, this game will just get better and better.

There are only three games that I have played for more than two months after purchase: MLB the Show, F1 2010, and MAG. I'm really excited for F1 2011.
# 3 brandon27 @ 09/08/11 08:51 PM
I traded 2010 in when I bought Madden as I anticipated on gettin 2011 within a few months of release. The more I read about it though, the more I'm leaning towards a day 1 buy with this one. Which if I do that, means I may cancel my preorder on NHL12, and go with F1 instead. Chances are Ill buy both still, but F1 is starting to take priority. Which to me, is weird, because I'm not a major F1 racing fan, Ill watch the odd race, but the appeal of the speed, and road racing is just too much to resist, but when I bought 2010, I was blown away by it, so yeah, can't wait to check this one out.

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