Out of the Park Baseball 12 News Post

Update #4 for OOTP Baseball 12 is available now. Below you can view the list of fixes.
  • We added a new internal player rating: 3B/2B ratio. When this rating is set in the editor, it will be used for determining the triples rate of an extra-base hit (instead of the player speed rating). This rating is automatically set for all historical players upon import, improving statistical accuracy. Fictional players occasionally get a rating applied as well.
  • Trades now work even when a team has a negative projected balance, as long as the balance improves or stays the same through the trade.
  • Several problems with contract negotiations have been fixed.
  • Players now react faster to minor league contract offers.
  • During the offseason, lesser-talented free agents demand minor league contracts more often.
  • We changed the behavior of the "Meet Demand" button in contract negotiations. It now takes the player's demands and automatically asks for the player's response to that offer.
  • We made the number of international free agents generated a bit less predictable.
  • We tweaked teams' spending behavior, resulting in fewer instances where great free agents go unsigned for a long period of time.
  • We tweaked default financial numbers in fictional leagues to give teams more money to work with.
  • We tweaked OOTP 11 league importing for more stable financials.
  • The diagnosis for a 'delayed' injury now appears sooner sometimes; the typical delay is 1-4 days.
  • After deactivating an OOOL league, it will now automatically be a standard online league.
  • In OOOL leagues, the league URL and all other text values can now contain "less than" and "greater than" characters.
  • The OOOL league browser contains link to league web sites and info about each league now (move the mouse over the league name to see it).
  • Fixed a bug that made downloading an online league file fail.
  • Fixed the problems with the "clear league file cache" feature.
  • Fixed several small bugs.

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