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Check out the new NBA 2K12 screenshot.

This screenshot feature takes a look at the match-ups of the NBA's Greatest. This one showcases Patrick Ewing's NBA's Greatest Game.

1994-95 Knicks: Derek Harper, John Starks, Charles Oakley, Patrick Ewing, Anthony Mason, Hubert Davis, Anthony Bonner, Greg Anthony, Monty Williams, Herb Williams, Doug Christie

1994-95 Magic: Penny Hardaway, Nick Anderson, Donald Royal, Horace Grant, Shaquille O’Neal, Dennis Scott, Brian Shaw, Anthony Bowie, Jeff Turner, Tree Rollins

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Member Comments
# 1 Goffs @ 09/03/11 01:40 PM
I'm on the phone and each time I click on the link it takes me to the log in screen but thanks for posting the pic up. I thought Charles Smith was not in the game...I must've misread the lineups for the Knicks....
# 2 youvalss @ 09/03/11 01:41 PM
Phones are meant to talk to people (and text?).
# 3 fliplm0de @ 09/03/11 01:51 PM
Def happy to see the 95 magic one of my favorite teams of all time. Big fan of penny here so it will be fun runnin with them.
# 4 Classic88 @ 09/03/11 01:51 PM
Cannot wait to play this match-up
# 5 coolcras7 @ 09/03/11 01:58 PM
would be a nice surprise if you could bring down the rim with Shaq in that game.
# 6 DoubleJ13 @ 09/03/11 01:58 PM
I love me some Penny Hardaway, glad he is in this game.
# 7 green94 @ 09/03/11 02:03 PM
LOVE this matchup.
# 8 May29th @ 09/03/11 02:05 PM
Starks and O'Neal look weird, Penny is too old. Other players are very good.
# 9 Xx Qontrolz xX @ 09/03/11 02:12 PM
big big fan of prime penny so im happy to play with him but this penny looks more like old phoenix penny than skinny prime penny imo
# 10 SwagDoc101 @ 09/03/11 02:15 PM
hard to get a good look at penny...hope thats his younger face
# 11 SwagDoc101 @ 09/03/11 02:18 PM
think 2k dropped the ball with penny. he looks too old and not thin....but im still excited
# 12 The 24th Letter @ 09/03/11 02:21 PM
Got the carolina blue Pennys on as we speak...(hardest shoes to put on of all time) lol

good stuff
# 13 TheBadazz @ 09/03/11 02:48 PM
The Magic will be a team I play with. Dump to Shaq, drive on kick to 3-D. Pure joy.
# 14 SwagDoc101 @ 09/03/11 03:40 PM
how could they drop the ball with penny...they should have known he was a fan favorite in his era...when jordan left for a year in a half he and grant hill were probably the two most exciting players...smh damn 2k ...but im not mad, im not mad ...im not going to freak out ...and i will still buy it release day...
# 15 Control-X @ 09/03/11 04:07 PM
Originally Posted by Xx Qontrolz xX
big big fan of prime penny so im happy to play with him but this penny looks more like old phoenix penny than skinny prime penny imo
You're right. 2K still used the old Phoenix Penny CF they used before. This is one of the reasons why I play 2K only on the PC because I'm able to replace the cyberface with a better one easily.
# 16 rudeworld @ 09/03/11 05:28 PM
If you guys didn't notice..... IN ALL THE MATCH UP SCREEN SHOT, THE BODY AND POSE OF EACH AND EVERY PLAYER ARE THE SAME.... I don't think penny will look old or Shaq will have tats or have the same body type as Ewing in the game..... RELAX
# 17 LRBTODAY @ 09/03/11 05:29 PM
# 18 rudeworld @ 09/03/11 05:30 PM
.....Charles Smith getting fouled by Jordan, Grant and Pippen still haunts me.... so does Sam Cassell spinning on the floor @ the Garden during the the Finals....
# 19 NealN42 @ 09/03/11 06:12 PM
These whole "matchup" screens just look silly to me. I mean come on...every single one has the same pose in the same positions (ie: back person arms crossed), with only the faces/jerseys changing. 2k seriously couldn't mix it up a little at least?
# 20 Starwipe @ 09/03/11 06:32 PM
I really want them to get Penny right. More than any other player in the game. I think I'm going to be disappointed. And yes Shaq DID have that Superman tattoo back then.

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