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Natural Motion CEO Torsten Reil recently tweeted a picture of a generic Seattle Seahawks player leaping over a nameless Arizona Cardinals defender in a stadium labeled with NFL Network, NFL Red Zone and NFL.com advertisements.

Reil clarified in a second tweet that the screenshot was from an iPhone version of Backbreaker, though no further details about the picture were revealed.

Could this mean that a NFL edition of Backbreaker: Vengeance is in the works for iPhone? Stay tuned to Operation Sports for more news on Natural Motion and the Backbreaker franchise as the story develops.

You can see a full version of the screenshot here.

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# 1 mestevo @ 09/06/11 01:53 PM
I believe the link is supposed to be: https://twitter.com/#!/torstenreil/s...929986?photo=1

Nothing is confirmed or announced just that it was taken on an iPhone, the biggest news in that screenshot by a mile is the character models not looking like the FOX NFL robot, not the NFL branding.

The current running animation could look really interesting on a realistic sized player model.
# 2 jyoung @ 09/06/11 02:27 PM
Wait, is that Seahawks vs. Cardinals?

For real?


# 3 Jakeness23 @ 09/06/11 03:44 PM
Seems cool, especially if they got it on the consoles. Though, I believe I'd rather play a 2K NFL game.
# 4 Slayer82186 @ 09/06/11 03:56 PM
I really hope Ea gets competition for football
# 5 İroke @ 09/06/11 04:02 PM
You can see NFL.com written all over the pic
# 6 catcatch22 @ 09/06/11 04:04 PM
If I wasn't preoccupied with work I would cop this first day out. Hell I am still waiting for IceBreaker.
# 7 LingeringRegime @ 09/06/11 04:13 PM
Oh man, I hope that this isn't some sick joke.

I hope that they sell enough iphone apps, to make a legit fully fledged, licensed NFL game. It would make my year.
# 8 mbergh22 @ 09/06/11 04:20 PM
They better be on the ps3 too or that will be total bullcrap!
# 9 mestevo @ 09/06/11 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by mbergh22
They better be on the ps3 too or that will be total bullcrap!
It's a mobile game, not a console game (without anything announced, it's not even a game).
# 10 stiffarmleft @ 09/06/11 04:36 PM
I don't think that the NFL license extends to mobile devices or not as stringent, there have been other NFL mobile games, so this is not too surprising. I seriously doubt there will be a console version.
# 11 dickey1331 @ 09/06/11 06:25 PM
Well this is interesting.
# 12 ReMeDy @ 09/06/11 08:43 PM
While I do not plan on purchasing this BB phone game, this screenshot does have me excited at a number of things:

1.) Natural Motion has not given up on BB, nor the realm of football.

2.) The players do not have visors, meaning they are continuing to improve upon criticisms, and therefore, continue to show interest in the fan community.
# 13 mestevo @ 09/06/11 10:04 PM
They never said they were ever giving up on BB or football, but did say they were refocusing their efforts on mobile a few months after Backbreaker 1 released.

I'm not expecting another 360/PSN Backbreaker in any form though, retail or XBLA/PSN.
# 14 mestevo @ 09/07/11 04:53 PM
It's out tomorrow, $2.99. NFL Rivals. Looks like a version of Tackle Alley but with a form of the EA Season Showdown built in to give your team points or something.


# 15 LingeringRegime @ 09/07/11 05:02 PM
Hopefully, EA just buys the tech so I can play a new football game again.
# 16 scores87 @ 09/07/11 09:04 PM

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