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David Rutter, the Line Producer of FIFA 12, checks in with some pro tips on the game.

Last year we had Personality Plus… this year we've taken it one step further, with what we call Pro Player Intelligence. The spiel is that it's the next generation of player AI, and if a player has one of our Pro Player Intelligence traits there are gameplay effects. A good example is Peter Crouch. He's very tall. He isn't necessarily the best header of the ball in the world, but because he's so tall, he can beat nearly everyone in a header, so we call him an 'aerial threat'.

This has three major effects. When you're playing against him, the team around him are going to try to play the ball to his head more frequently. If you are playing career mode, each of the different teams you're playing against will have a different personality based on these Pro Player Intelligence traits, so you can't always play the same tactics against each team, week in week out in career mode anymore. You actually have to think about what you're doing, so that adds a nice depth to career mode. And lastly, when you're playing as a virtual pro, the CPU AI teammates around you will know what your traits are as well, that you've unlocked through performing tasks in the game.

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