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Dime Magazine has posted their NBA 2K12 hands-on preview, going over more My Player details.

Once you’re all set with how your player looks and how he plays, you are thrust into the bright lights of Madison Square Garden to take on other created rookies in what is known as the “Rookie Challenge.” This is your major chance to show NBA scouts and GMs what you got before Draft Day.

Before tip-off, you’re given three objectives in order to build up your player’s “teammate grade.” For an athletic guard like myself, some of my tasks included dishing out three assists to three different players, and holding my man to a low field goal percentage. But nearly everything you do results in some sort of feedback. Moving the ball around the key that leads to a three can get you ball movement points. Helping out on defense builds up your rep even more. Your letter grade starts out as a “C” and depending on what you do in this game, you can jump from the lottery to the second round of the draft very quickly.

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# 1 NY State of Mind @ 09/08/11 03:43 PM
I'm glad to read about MyPlayer having depth in facial features, tattoos, and sneakers being a big sneaker head myself and being covered in ink will make it feel more true to my nature while playing. I know its superficial but for me to enjoy MyPlayer it helps me plenty.
# 2 Money99 @ 09/08/11 03:46 PM
# 3 BRxSKINSx @ 09/08/11 03:58 PM
That right there will hold me over until tomorrow's insight.... I'm not sure what's gonna hold me over afterwards until 12:15 a.m. October 4th. (it'll take me 15 minutes to get from Walmart).....
# 4 dukedude24 @ 09/08/11 04:23 PM
so sounds like there really only going to have 1 game before the draft, not sure if that's a good thing. Not sure if i like the idea of one game plus interviews to determine if u are lottery pick or 2nd rounder.
# 5 Ike04 @ 09/08/11 08:45 PM
great article. nice to see that there is just as much stuff to do off the court than on the court this year
# 6 awil1026 @ 09/08/11 09:08 PM
Originally Posted by FreshPrince22

i just hope they get the real Rookie Challenge right
check out those socks!
# 7 NY State of Mind @ 09/09/11 12:09 AM
lol those socks hurt my eyes...thats actually an accessory I could live without

and Curry should of had blue kicks with some yellow....those things are too bright!!!
# 8 da ThRONe @ 09/09/11 12:49 AM
Nothing new here.
# 9 DurtySoufReppin @ 09/09/11 08:12 AM
Originally Posted by da ThRONe
Nothing new here.
read it again, there are new things in there

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