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Check out the new Key Moments In Football Gaming History article from Industry Gamers.

During a 1984 meeting with Electronic Arts over the creation of John Madden Football, former NFL head coach and commentator, John Madden, famously changed gaming history when he insisted the company display eleven men per team to retain the sport’s realism. Either EA agreed to Madden’s terms, or he wouldn’t lend his name and likeness to the product.

Thankfully, EA shared his passion for the game.

“In the beginning, we had severe technical constraints, which is why I asked, among my hundreds of other questions to John, what he thought about initially going with ‘skeleton’, which is basically the same football game without all the down linemen,” said Trip Hawkins, founder of Electronic Arts. “On the one hand, I was relieved when he said he wanted the real thing, because I did too. However, that set our schedule back, and the first version of the game did not come out until four years later.”

Despite the delay, John Madden Football proved to be worth the wait and eventually spawned the million selling Madden NFL franchise, cementing Hawkins’ legacy as a sports video game pioneer, yet this is but one proud moment in football gaming, a collection of digital achievements that propelled one of the U.S.’s biggest sports into the virtual arena.

On that note, join us as we reflect on more than three decades of pigskin throwing fun.

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# 1 dp68 @ 09/10/11 09:54 AM
Wow, no mention of the FPS Football series at all.
# 2 Skyboxer @ 09/10/11 10:30 AM
Originally Posted by dp68
Wow, no mention of the FPS Football series at all.
Yeah. Pretty much makes the article eh.... to me
FPSFB was and still is the best PC FB game ever IMO.
# 3 bkrich83 @ 09/10/11 11:40 AM
Originally Posted by Skyboxer
Yeah. Pretty much makes the article eh.... to me
FPSFB was and still is the best PC FB game ever IMO.
Agreed. I almost flunked out of college because of that game.
# 4 torontogrudlies @ 09/13/11 10:28 PM
I remember playing 4th and Inches, by Accolade, on my Commodore 64. There was a "construction kit" which you could purchase to go with the game, and it let you make up your own teams.

Drawback was that you couldn't read receivers and choose one to throw to...whichever one you called in the huddle was the one the ball went to, and if your opponent sniffed it out, you were screwed.

When I joined the Marines, we would play the game in the barracks and have tournaments. I created my team to consist of men in my unit. Carried some of these personalities over to FPS and later to Madden (although most of them are retired or coaches by now.) A lot of memorable moments....
# 5 Rickster101 @ 09/15/11 02:10 PM
I know the threads title reads Key Moments In Football Gaming History and some are covered but there are quit a few missing also it reads more like a short list, there are other games that stood out in my opinion and I'm sure others would agee that the writer of this article didn't dig deep enough in his research because he's missing some really good Football games that should have been mentioned that were also "Key" moments/addtions to Football gaming.


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