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# 1 Fiddy @ 09/13/11 05:52 PM
i would like to go with very good.. but with certain issues not addressed now for a few years and some glaring gameplay issues from last year back prepatch (diving faster than skating etc), im going with average!!
# 2 mlp111 @ 09/13/11 07:14 PM
average is my vote, not much different from last year....
# 3 GamerDad4 @ 09/13/11 07:31 PM
I think the gameplay is about the same as NHL 11, but I think the overall game presentation is better. I personally like the highlight reel and the goal replay options at the end of each period
# 4 jtott @ 09/13/11 11:36 PM
Presentation is better, I like the game stats at the end of each period/game. The winter classic is definitely a nice touch......would like the addition of more stadiums though. The gameplay itself...... can't tell a whole lot of difference...pretty much the same as last year.
# 5 Vikes1 @ 09/13/11 11:49 PM
I really wanted to choose great.

But, being that I spend the vast majority of my time in the GM mode, and it still has issues left unresolved...I picked good. If "Very good" had been an option...I would have chose that.
# 6 dickey1331 @ 09/13/11 11:58 PM
I picked good. I enjoy it but I feel like its a few things away from being great.
# 7 BaylorBearBryant @ 09/14/11 12:28 AM
It feels like the same game honestly,
# 8 Dazraz @ 09/14/11 03:07 AM
I'm really liking NHL this year for the first time in a while. Further improvements to the AI coupled with some nice touches like the Action Tracker & a more detailed Sim Engine add to the whole package.
# 9 ericromain @ 09/14/11 05:03 AM
In a good way, It feels completely different in HUT online. The physicality and passing change the way i play the game so much. You can actually use your body to shield the puck now. I feel a much bigger divide between star players and CHL players. I'm losing so many more games now to other guys, i'm going to have to change my style up from the last 4 years.

My only problem is the freezing. At least 50% of my games are locking up or disconnecting.
# 10 MungoSlap @ 09/14/11 06:06 AM
Really enjoying it,as a Brit i'd never seen or played a ice hockey game before so i downloaded the demo through EA Season Pass and loved it,don't have a clue bout tactics but am giving it a real go!
# 11 FBeaule04 @ 09/14/11 06:52 AM
So far, I'm saying good. Great, no way, there's again some things that you see and scratch your head, but the fun factor this time around is there, so good is my vote at this moment.
# 12 KBomber @ 09/14/11 08:14 AM
Having skipped NHL 11, I see a lot to be excited about in NHL 12. I didn't think I would enjoy this game as much after playing the demo that I downloaded weeks back, but I really enjoyed the games that I played using the full version.

To be honest, I'd love if you could actually play seasons of the junior leagues or some of the European leagues as well.

For me, the game is a marked improvement from NHL 10, so I'm having fun
# 13 addybojangles @ 09/14/11 09:47 AM
Played 7 games of EASHL last night and had a great time, really enjoy it. The changes they have made seem to be for the better.
# 14 Retropyro @ 09/14/11 10:36 AM
Loving it. Personally have not had to experiance any freezing or lockups.
# 15 jyoung @ 09/14/11 12:59 PM
"Very good"

Like all the little details they added to the game so far.
# 16 IrishSalsa @ 09/14/11 04:33 PM
I don't have the game so didn't vote...but seeing that(when added together) 25% of the little over 500 voters say the game is either bad or average tells me the game isn't worth my $65.
# 17 tabulaRasa @ 09/15/11 01:48 AM
OVerall really good,but I do wish they patch the insane hipcheck exploit. Met a guy in HUT who hipchecked like 20 times in the same game, nudge and fall. COme on EAs QA team!!!!!
Whereīs the interference calls? I hate how players interfer your players.

Seems like the game is more buggy than last years. I just love how people trashed 2K for their bugs, but EAs game has more bugs and almost none is moaning about it.

Overall I still like it because itīs hockey and itīs a really good game. But EA, patch the lame hipcheck.
# 18 DJ @ 09/15/11 07:13 PM
Originally Posted by Vikes1
I really wanted to choose great.

But, being that I spend the vast majority of my time in the GM mode, and it still has issues left unresolved...I picked good. If "Very good" had been an option...I would have chose that.
Same reasoning here, Vikes. I'm very happy with the on-ice product, much moreso than NHL 11, which frustrated me right from Day 1. Like you mentioned, the lack of additions to Be A GM took my vote one click.

Still, I'm not regretting my purchase, so that's a good sign.
# 19 DirtyJerz32 @ 09/16/11 08:39 AM
I was on the fence for a couple of days until last night when I pulled the trigger. I voted good so far, only played a couple of games with mkharsh33 pro sliders and it was a great experience.
# 20 GlennN @ 09/16/11 01:31 PM
Depends on your perspective. I voted "Great," because it is a great game. On the other hand, NHL 10 and 11 were also both great games. And very similar to this one. Since I only play BeAGM, the games are VERY, VERY similar. If you don't have NHL 10 or 11, run out and buy 12 and you will be thrilled. If you have 11, or even 10, there is no way this is worth $60.00. I have buyers' regret already.

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