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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters' PC and Mac version is quickly becoming a disaster for EA Sports. As Gamespy calls it, the game is "a re-skinned version of free-to-play title Tiger Woods Online."

EA's forums shows customers who are are livid as they rail against the product. In some cases, Gamers are actually getting refunds for their purchase.

While it's good customer service to offer customers refunds of what amounts to a pretty crappy product, one wonders just who thought it was a good idea to release the game in the first place in its current form? This is the type of milking of the customer which many within the community despise big-box publishers for.

We haven't reviewed the PC Version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters on the PC yet -- and so far no one else has either. Our guess is that the sales are going to be so low, this will be a story soon forgotten by the gaming masses.

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# 1 jmik58 @ 09/14/11 01:19 PM
EA is really losing credibility with the 2012 cycle of games in my opinion.
# 2 boxboy99 @ 09/14/11 05:59 PM
I am pretty much to the point that it is going to take a lot for EA to get me to buy another one other their products. I didn't buy this product but at this point I just see EA as a greedy machine that needs feed and doesn't care how it makes a buck. They may makes some decent games in other genres but I feel EA Sports has just gotten bad. It is sad because I have been playing the College Football series with friends since the Bill Walsh days. I do not want to quit this tradition, but I am to the point I can't see rewarding EA with my money. Show me your making better products and you can win me back, but for now, I am out. EA will always be good at hype, go back to showing me "It is in the game"!
# 3 wiser66 @ 09/14/11 07:17 PM
Originally Posted by jmik58
EA is really losing credibility with the 2012 cycle of games in my opinion.
Couldn't agree more. Frustration after the last couple years of lackluster titles, along with other companies raising the bar, has resulted in a horrible cycle of games in 2011.
# 4 tigersucks @ 09/14/11 08:20 PM
# 5 GaryT531 @ 09/15/11 12:21 AM
this year i said that i will not buy one ea sports game, and i am sticking to it. no ncaa, no madden, not when the price drops, not even used. i'm down to one game now - nba 2k. not wasting time on trying to adjust sliders to make ea games actually playable has left me doing more productive things with my free time.
# 6 dubeau @ 09/16/11 01:17 AM
Well, it's not the year of Tiger Woods but he should "cash in" hard after EA for using and associate his name into this piece of trash. I know I would...
# 7 rangerrick012 @ 09/17/11 10:59 AM
Sounds like a debacle. EA Sports has had a rough 12 months - first the Elite debacle, then folks from Madden's team leaving, now this. Rough times.
# 8 ty5oke @ 09/17/11 06:25 PM
I wish there was more bad press about this release. Pretty shameful ploy to get money by EA if you ask me.

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