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# 1 wallofhate @ 09/15/11 04:41 PM
Being liked the old NBA Jam alot as a kid I kind of want to check this game out but something about it makes me want to pass on it. As far as honey badgers go thats a head scratcher lol
# 2 jyoung @ 09/15/11 05:20 PM
# 3 billylee0000 @ 09/15/11 05:21 PM
HILARIOUS!!! lol; it's a reference to this vid http://youtu.be/4r7wHMg5Yjg
# 4 therockstar2005 @ 09/15/11 05:42 PM
NBA 2k12 has a custom shot creator that allows you to customize your player (and indeed any players') shot. NBA Jam lets you play as honey badgers. I think it's pretty obvious who wins this round.

The badgers, of course.
# 5 danny @ 09/15/11 05:44 PM
EA has officially lost there mojo, your kidding me right!?
# 6 Day_26 @ 09/15/11 05:51 PM
Haha 2k12 gameplay vid comments: 224

NBA jam comments: 5

Does anyone care about this companies basketball games anymore????
# 7 bigball12 @ 09/15/11 06:09 PM
Uhmmm, what???
# 8 jyoung @ 09/15/11 07:01 PM
Originally Posted by Day_26
Haha 2k12 gameplay vid comments: 224

NBA jam comments: 5

Does anyone care about this companies basketball games anymore????
I'm buying JAM over 2K12, definitely.

Haven't liked NBA 2K's brand of ball since 2K7.
# 9 PRAY IV M3RCY @ 09/15/11 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by wEEman33
I'm buying JAM over 2K12, definitely.

Haven't liked NBA 2K's brand of ball since 2K7.
Ur gonna be one lonely person
# 10 MNPhatz @ 09/15/11 07:56 PM
NBA Jam and 2K12 are like apples and oranges. It seems stupid to compare them. I think they will both be fun in their own way and I will buy them both . . . just my opinion.
# 11 Petey B @ 09/15/11 09:35 PM
I grew up with the man who does the Honey Badger voice. Yes, he is that weird.
# 12 LM1213 @ 09/15/11 10:32 PM
EA better than 2k my ***. I know everyone is entitle to their opinion but that's just crazy talk. I started off as an EA fan (until nba live 07) , but 2k has become my go to game for bball. EA hasn't even come close to 2k since. I mean 2k came out with such a good game EA didnt even want to get in the ring. threw in the towel early.

but what phatz said is true. ones a sim..ones an arcade. both will both be fun if you get them for what they are worth. I will get both cuz jam is just crazy all out fun with friends. Ol school pick and play. but I will get 2k for my more in depth basketball jones.
# 13 MNPhatz @ 09/15/11 11:31 PM
Can't we just enjoy the honey badgers? Why are you ranting about the awesomeness of EA? I did think the last EA baseball game was good, but I just don't like hockey. This is fuel to the fire, but I feel like they stole $60 from me with Madden this year. It hasn't improved in years!
# 14 Day_26 @ 09/16/11 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by illmatic04
trying playing a 2K baseball game, or even a 2K hockey game & u'll see the reason why EA >>>>> 2K .. basketball yeah i give it to 2K but on a whole EA will always be better than 2K
Yess that is true but basketball wise 2k is worlds ahead of Ea. There should be no doubt about that. I mean eas bball game is so garbage that they had to cancel it.... says it all....
# 15 LM1213 @ 09/16/11 02:46 AM
Sorry was referring to bball. Baseball goes to ps3 mlb the show though.
# 16 ThatRadioGuy @ 09/16/11 07:38 AM

You know, concerning all poster's TORRENTIAL negative opinions here .. (pretty much about ANYTHING that ever WAS, period) ..

Well, Honey Badger don't care.

Honey Badger don't give a ****.

# 17 1WEiRDguy @ 09/16/11 09:28 AM
so i guess this is the sign that there wont be an NBA Street reboot then....~sighs~
# 18 GodzSoulja @ 09/16/11 02:14 PM
im getting it its gonna be fun battling my wife in this!
# 19 ThatRadioGuy @ 09/16/11 04:06 PM
And that's what NBA Jam was always about. You got it, GodzSoula. It's just about the fun factor from a multiplayer (NOT ONLINE multiplayer). And when you start picking it to pieces, bit by bit, that leaves everyone with a negative attitude toward the game .. well, you've defeated the purpose of NBA Jam. It's just supposed to be a fun time .. a silly fun time. That's all.

It's hard to believe that people could extract any joy at all when they call a fatwah over a game not having the right color shoelaces on the 1987 Bill Cartwright. Sports games were supposed to be the area of gaming where nerds felt uncomfortable and stayed away. Evidently, those days are over. It's now an infestation.
# 20 Eski33 @ 09/16/11 09:35 PM
Hoping EA adds Cobras since that is what Honey Badgers eat.

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