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Today is a proud day for the team here at OS. For the very first time ever we have cracked the magic 1 million unique visitors in a 30 day period (as per Google Analytics). For a website, this is a big deal. 1 million uniques is a huge milestone for any site and one that we (quite obviously) could not have done without our ever loyal and quickly growing visitor base and our dedicated staff of writers, contribributors and moderators. Thank you!

Why stop at 1M? Lets keep this thing moving forward. We're planning to kick off an ad campaign to further promote OS across the net. To make this a reality we are in need of some OS ad banners... and who better to design the ads than OS visitors themselves.

So today we're calling on all the graphic artists out here. Here is a chance for you to showcase your designing skills while scoring some cool prizes.

The banner sizes we need are as follows:
  • 728x90
  • 300x250
  • 160x600
As mentioned, we're offering prizes to anyone who submits a design and whose design is ultimately chosen. If we choose your ad banner(s) we'll give you a free game of your choice (to the value of $65).

The banners need to be in flash format and cannot exceed 50kb in size.

Click here to download an asset pack including a variety of different versions of our logos and the fonts we use.

As for what we want the banners to say, well we'll leave that up to you. However, the OS logo must obviously be prominent along with our slogan "Dedicated to Sports Gaming".

Post screenshots of your designs in this post so that everyone can contribute in picking the winners.

Member Comments
# 1 Toaster @ 09/17/11 07:04 AM
been here since 2002 and it is a pleasure to see how much OS has grown since.
# 2 eaterofworlds888 @ 09/17/11 08:13 AM
just so you know I was about 30,000 of those views. lol. waiting on NBA 2K news
# 3 Runnin with Scissors @ 09/17/11 08:16 AM
OOH, congrats OS, you really are huge now!
# 4 ALBIDNIS @ 09/17/11 08:17 AM
By Flash format do you mean that it has to have moving parts as flash sites do?
# 5 Falcons11497 @ 09/17/11 08:20 AM
wait, so its not just one single image?

what I mean by that is, is it supposed to be like a gif?

also, the file doesnt download for me
# 6 gtyjrocks @ 09/17/11 09:07 AM
Originally Posted by eaterofworlds888
just so you know I was about 30,000 of those views. lol. waiting on NBA 2K news
I know you were joking but those are 1M UNIQUE visitors.
# 7 Undead @ 09/17/11 09:18 AM
What do you mean by flash format?

I generally use PNG as the format, don't know about flash unfortunately.
# 8 Undead @ 09/17/11 09:19 AM
When is the deadline?
# 9 ps3veron @ 09/17/11 09:26 AM
Congrats OS!

I put Tanzania on that map! Lol
# 10 blues rocker @ 09/17/11 10:11 AM
is it supposed to be animated? or a just a static image?
# 11 ChaseB @ 09/17/11 10:23 AM
Everyone was so excited about me finally leaving OS!
# 12 blues rocker @ 09/17/11 10:27 AM
what's the deadline?
# 13 NYdreams @ 09/17/11 11:27 AM
i wish i could win this... to get gears of war 3 for free and pay off 2k... instead of just getting nba 2k because i dont have the money for both games right now due to xbox charging me $60 this month for online =(
# 14 JohnDoe8865 @ 09/17/11 01:34 PM
I can't find a decent free program to create a flash banner. Most of the ones I've found are limited to one size or have a watermark over them. I'd love to try this just for the fun of it.

Good luck to those who do have the paid version of adobe or whatever you are using. If anyone finds a good free program, I'd appreciate it.
# 15 steelpen2 @ 09/17/11 02:50 PM
Where do you we send our final designs to? When is the deadline?
# 16 Gstate_510 @ 09/17/11 02:58 PM
congrats you guys deserved it
# 17 Nivek @ 09/17/11 06:39 PM
Wow....I've been here forever, and it's great to see the site getting so many hits. It's truly broken into the mainstream.

# 18 crgnjul @ 09/17/11 07:39 PM
Originally Posted by Toaster
been here since 2002 and it is a pleasure to see how much OS has grown since.
I was here in March of 1998
# 19 209vaughn @ 09/17/11 08:15 PM
It's no surprise that OS has been so successful... With sites like IGN and GameSpot completely ignoring sports gang fans, I looked else where to find in depth sports game coverage... So I found OS.

IGNs Madden and NHL reviews were laughable.
# 20 LosCriminales @ 09/17/11 10:59 PM
April of 1998 here. Craig is a homer also.

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