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OS Radio is FINALLY back tonight at 9 EST! We will be talking NBA 2K12 with our new Sr. Editor Dustin Toms as well as taking your calls. There will be questions asked, comments delivered, and information disseminated tonight! Also, we can't forget NHL 12, NCAA Football 12's crazy patch problems, and Madden NFL 12. We might even squeeze in some review talk.

Really it's going to be a great time, won't you join us?

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Member Comments
# 1 23 @ 09/20/11 12:21 PM
Hey Chris... will there be an archive for this?
# 2 MMChrisS @ 09/20/11 12:23 PM
Of course!!!
# 3 23 @ 09/20/11 12:31 PM
Thanks for the heads up... Ill be at the little one's back to school night tonight but Id still like to catch it later

You guys gotta do one with Da Czar again though
# 4 Pared @ 09/20/11 12:35 PM
TJ running these again?
# 5 Mike Smoove @ 09/20/11 01:14 PM
looking forward to it
# 6 ffaacc03 @ 09/20/11 01:20 PM
Would love to have the archive recorded with the broadcast volume a little louder than in the past. I remember that I had to connect my laptop (which by default has a wide range of audio volume) to a pair of speakers. If so, perfect ... if not, no problem, as I would try and do that again ... I wont miss such a piece of excelence no matter what !

Thanks for doing this OS and would certainly love if you guys could feature a program (like you did last season) hosting the president of the sim citi nation ... the man himself ... an eternal OSer: DaCzar ... and his 1st lady too, of course.
# 7 MMChrisS @ 09/20/11 07:22 PM
30 Minutes to Showtime!!!
# 8 myownsun @ 09/20/11 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by Mike Smoove
looking forward to it
both of us brother
# 9 dukedude24 @ 09/20/11 07:33 PM
will it be recorded? becuz i might not be able to listen to it live.
# 10 MMChrisS @ 09/20/11 07:38 PM
Originally Posted by dukedude24
will it be recorded? becuz i might not be able to listen to it live.
Of course.
# 11 MMChrisS @ 09/20/11 07:55 PM
5 Minutes to showtime, see everyone there!!!
# 12 uponablackstar @ 09/20/11 08:01 PM
Needs Da Czar. I still listen to his NBA Elite tirade from last year! This man is brilliant.
# 13 Steve_OS @ 09/20/11 09:04 PM
Czar and Ronnie2K next week!
# 14 eDotd @ 09/20/11 09:05 PM
Is it over?
# 15 EarvGotti @ 09/20/11 09:08 PM
I missed it. Can you guys post the recorded version up? I can't find it on the site.
# 16 lv2bll @ 09/20/11 09:17 PM
The archived version will be up soon, it was a really good show btw. Next weeks show will be awesome cuz the man, the myth, Ronnie2k will be there and the homie Tha Czar will be on the mic as well. Will be ****.
# 17 dukedude24 @ 09/20/11 09:32 PM
who was the host? was it Chris or Steve?
# 18 infam0us @ 09/20/11 09:36 PM
FIFA 12 gets no loved? The new engine when it comes to defense and player collisions is pretty good guys, wasn't planning on getting FIFA 12 but the demo impressed me.
# 19 DustinT @ 09/21/11 02:14 AM
Originally Posted by dukedude24
who was the host? was it Chris or Steve?
Chris and myself.
# 20 Da_Czar @ 09/21/11 03:10 PM
Originally Posted by DustinT
Chris and myself.
Great show Dustin !!!

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