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GamerXchange has posted their interview with FIFA 12 producer, David Rutter.

Oren: Among the improvements in the Career mode, we get to see a new moral system which will enable players to show their feelings/frustration, will players like Carlos Tevez be more agitated than players like Lionel Messi?

Rutter: Career Mode is now driven by the same drama, storylines and emotion of the real world. If it happens in real life, it can happen in our game. Managing team chemistry is vital to your success, and players react like they do in real life to playing time, form, injuries, league position. Player morale impacts the game on the pitch and storylines are created through Career Mode and then dynamically fed into the game.

Oren: Another promising aspect of the Career Mode in FIFA 12 is the brand new youth scouting system, how will the system work and will we see a bidding war between top clubs, kinda like in the case of Neymar?

Rutter: Youth players are always eligible to be signed so you can sign 14-year-olds, for example, if your scouts think that the player will develop. Other teams also have scouts so it is a race against other teams to sign them. If you do not choose to sign a youth player then another team might sign the player. You can sign a youth player and you retain his rights for as long as you wish, until he makes the first team squad or you choose to release him.

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# 1 Krebstar @ 09/26/11 09:23 AM
Does Steve know we have a FIFA sub-forum?

Oren: One of the key features in FIFA 12, is the new Impact Engine, can you tell us what was done in order to insure that the new impact/contact engine doesn’t affect the referee decisions (more booking for example) and doesn’t affect the pace of the game?

Rutter: We continue to work on the referee decisions and improve the intelligence of foul calls, carding logic, etc. With the introduction of the Player Impact Engine, we had to re-write a lot of our referee code to adapt to the new technology. So, while there are no new features for the Ref this year, we have done a lot of work on it. We have different degrees of severity in terms of foul calls and carding. There are dozens of referees in the game, each with his own name and degree of severity. They have also been assigned to different leagues so that we match the authenticity of referee severity across different territories. For example, most referees in England tend to be more lenient to tackles than those in Spain.
That explains some of the issues with the refereeing, as they had to rewrite the code for the new engine. Hopefully a bit after the full release EA acknowledges the logic needs to be tweaked and they include it in a patch.

As for next year, foul slider. Please.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 09/26/11 06:42 PM
It was early, ok Krebstar?

Quite a bit of rewriting it seems. PIE tech needs to get into Madden/NCAA w/ a few tweaks.
# 3 Krebstar @ 09/26/11 07:43 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
It was early, ok Krebstar?

Quite a bit of rewriting it seems. PIE tech needs to get into Madden/NCAA w/ a few tweaks.
I think that's actually the second time I've done that to you.

It's encouraging that they worked on the engine for two years and as easy as it is to be upset with the lack of fouls, I'm still optimistic for a fix. Only issue is FIFA has never had enough fouls, but at this point, I'd gladly take last year's amount.

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