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# 1 Ken North @ 09/28/11 06:02 AM
I want this game to be good, but I can't help losing faith in THQ for every installation of this series. The gameplay actually looks to be the worst of them, so far.
# 2 Phobia @ 09/28/11 10:55 AM
It is like they still don't have the knock downs right. They still have those knock downs where the guy falls extremely fast. It looks weird, like the pop into place going down.

They on the KO's it just does not look right. I don't know, I am not to excited about this. It just does not look "right".

This will be the first game I rent in 5+ years.
# 3 aholbert32 @ 09/28/11 11:13 AM
I'm actually very excited about it. People knocked 2010 but it appears they fixed the 3 biggest issues I had with the game. I hated the Shine when it came to submissions and even though I hate that the new system covers the entire screen, I like it better than the shine. Everyone (including me) complained about too man one punch KOs and thats gone now with the "Finish the Fight" feature. Also the "rule of three" transition problem is now gone.

Even small things like the ability to sway on the ground and when you get hurt adds to the realism. New cage animations. Leg kick KOs. Removal of standing elbows for fighters who dont use them and real life. The removal of auto takedowns. All these things make it a more complete game.

Its never going to be perfect and no sports fighting game ever is. EA MMA is great but its far from perfect. Same for Fight Night. I just want to see improvements and I think the game has shown them/
# 4 jeremym480 @ 09/28/11 08:54 PM
^ Is it worth $50 to you? Just an FYI, Amazon has a $10 promo credit on a pre-order now.
# 5 Iadf @ 09/29/11 12:26 AM
MMA is my favourite sport and i liked the last two ufc games but the submission system is so horrible there's no way i can buy this.

personally i like the shine, but this cat and mouse **** is ridiculous and I'm not having it.

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