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# 1 greenegt @ 09/29/11 03:40 PM
Beautiful! Love the constant movement.
# 2 Steve_SDS @ 09/29/11 03:41 PM
Just watched it. Excellent as always, Czar.
# 3 NealN42 @ 09/29/11 03:42 PM
Nice, I'm liking the possibilities with this offense!
# 4 JerzeyReign @ 09/29/11 03:44 PM
That offense is deadly.
# 5 NINJAK2 @ 09/29/11 03:45 PM
Can't wait to get my hands on these playbooks! DaCZar please do the Sixers next my man. I need the help...
# 6 Giammajo @ 09/29/11 03:48 PM
DOPE video as always Czar. As much as it pains the Knick fan in me to say, this was my favorite play of the day yet LOL.

Loved loved the P Mamba Ice play. Saw, what... 6 different places to get Kobe the ball? Not to mention to beautiful x cuts from the wing.

Also really liked the look of the triangle offense. Are other systems used as truthfully and organically as this? Is the motion offense worked in at all?
# 7 ffaacc03 @ 09/29/11 03:50 PM
WOW, finally we have a game that replicates the spacing that the triangle allows in real life ... also, this branching and persistent plays are really wonderfull, they never cease to amaze me.

BTW, as usual, good job Mr. President !
# 8 Rdub33 @ 09/29/11 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by ffaacc03
WOW, finally we have a game that replicates the spacing that the triangle allows in real life ... also, this branching and persistent plays are really wonderfull, they never cease to amaze me.

BTW, as usual, good job Mr. President !
After the way the lakers embarrassed themselves in the post season I have been tempted to leave the team I've been riding with since 98 but after watching this video, idk I might have to stay put. Nice work czar per usual.
# 9 samer naser @ 09/29/11 04:20 PM
# 10 kolanji @ 09/29/11 04:43 PM
great video Czar....am gonna hit the demo some more till release date gotta get my defense a little tighter on one on one situations to get ready for players like the Black mamba in isolation
# 11 ProfessaPackMan @ 09/29/11 04:46 PM
I have never been so excited just to run plays in 2K than I have after watching these videos Czar has been putting out.

Czar, can the Pack get a special request and have some love shown for my Nets, my good man?
# 12 superk1ll @ 09/29/11 04:55 PM
finally options in the triangle always hated that the triangle plays in the 2k were designated plays when irl its not
# 13 atlplayboy23 @ 09/29/11 04:56 PM
Nice cant wait to try some of this with Kobe
# 14 scatman @ 09/29/11 05:00 PM
Probably the best POTD video yet. The triangle is a great offense. While LA probably won't be running it much now, it's great to still have it. The combinations are endless in this offense and I'm goad to see what 2k has done with it. 5 more days it's here!!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT!!!!!!
# 15 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 09/29/11 05:11 PM
Man DaCzar I'm teary eyed. Not only did you give the wife and myself a shoutout, but it was done on The Lakers Play of the day. I'm forever grateful my friend.

Man your vids are simply AMAZING!!!!!

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# 16 Eman5805 @ 09/29/11 05:15 PM
Offensive dynamite. A shame it's wasted on a team I despise so greatly.

And it was nice to see some more Hornets love at least.
# 17 spfalla @ 09/29/11 05:20 PM
Too bad the Lakers won't be running the triangle anymore. I wish there was a way you could set a screen as the ball handler. Whenever Gasol has the ball the usually uses his body to get in the way of the defender of the cutter(if that made sense). At 3:45 Artest and Fisher run into each other which made me laugh. But Ron should be setting a screen for fisher right before they meet and then Kobe uses his body as a screen for the cutter. At 2:13 Gasol just stands there but when the Lakers run a play like that Gasol would bump his man to give Fisher space and then pass him an open three ball. Here's a visual check out the 3:35 mark.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEWGkroBi8c Other than that great vid!
# 18 RB10 @ 09/29/11 05:23 PM
This game is awesome. I can just envision a move and do it. It's not tough to do with the controller. Just pulled my first standing dunk oop. Gonna be fun!
# 19 Notorious Arab @ 09/29/11 06:04 PM
To all the people that say they wont run the tri offense, ur wrong. They going to run a motion offense with triangle principles, which is essentially the same thing. Kobe's shot look so real!
# 20 skillz7854 @ 09/29/11 06:12 PM
Great vid and the graphics seem to pop out more watching this video

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