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2K Sports just posted the NBA 2K12 extended instruction manuals for all platforms.

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# 1 Giammajo @ 09/29/11 04:08 PM
Yeahh buddy! This should hold me over for a few hours lol... no to figure out what to do with the next 4 days. hibernation is the likely choice.
# 2 Rdub33 @ 09/29/11 04:19 PM
Grrrrrrrr adobe only.... This iPad is worthless sometimes!
# 3 alaska2k3 @ 09/29/11 04:23 PM
Under credits -- Special Thanks to everyone at Operation Sports! Hahaha. Cool shout out
# 4 Spartan901 @ 09/29/11 04:55 PM
aaand that just killed the ink in my printer. Maybe my wife wont notice
# 5 Siavash @ 09/29/11 05:03 PM
So It's Official, Offline Association and blacktop mode got no major boosts.
# 6 Cynical @ 09/29/11 05:12 PM
this is great. but man do i miss those reading those thick manuals we used to get back in the day.

hey rdub33, u need to download a file conversion.
# 7 kennytomson @ 09/29/11 05:57 PM
"My Controller
• Choose from 3 alternates to the default control scheme.
• Change controller settings.
• View Advanced Controls."

anyone seen a lay out of the 3 alternative control schemes?
# 8 maggett @ 09/29/11 06:21 PM
anyone see the post spin for lob

blake griffin anyone?
# 9 Gotmadskillzson @ 09/29/11 06:23 PM
Umm yeah I won't be printing this out.....just save it to my PC and just look at it when need be.
# 10 Rockafella2x @ 09/29/11 06:28 PM
Originally Posted by alaska2k3
Under credits -- Special Thanks to everyone at Operation Sports! Hahaha. Cool shout out
lol at quincy pondexter being listed in basketball talent and not nba talent
# 11 Paul Pierce_OS @ 09/29/11 06:59 PM
Originally Posted by Rockafella2x
lol at quincy pondexter being listed in basketball talent and not nba talent
lol OS getting some apprecation
# 12 RubenDouglas @ 09/29/11 07:26 PM
On the fly camera changes? That is HUGE for me. Ive been wanting that since I could do that in ID 2000 . I swear that's new. I know it was in here for My player. I guess we can go from 2k to broadcast to many others now? Interesting

Does anyone know how in depth the practice mode or tutorials are? I would love for each move to be shown on the screen as I attempt to learn it
# 13 B-Ball Life @ 09/29/11 09:39 PM
IM READY! Lets Get It!
# 14 kukacz @ 09/30/11 05:02 AM
There is a mistake in description of a Cutoff Move (ONBALL DEFENSE). Should be "Hold LT + move LEFT STICK (not right) in dicertion [...]". Also in game manual says that cutoff move is performed by holding both LT and RT (see screenshots from Operation Sports website).
# 15 jlbrown143 @ 09/30/11 06:58 AM
I don't know about anybody else but these controls are nice!!!! Mannnnn they make a HUGE!!! difference already for me in the DEMO…lol Total passing is going to be nice and the post moves are sweet, I can't do alot in the demo but getting these moves down before the game drops is gonna be sweet!!! ALL I got to say is sombody's Assarse is gonna get kicked when the game drops….lol

# 16 yossihaz1 @ 09/30/11 08:34 AM
great post
i love the new post system
# 17 jersez @ 10/12/11 02:07 PM
It might just be me but the manual looks the same as the manual that is included with the game, there is nothing new in the extended manual wtf?

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