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NCAA Football 12 Title Update #3 will be available on Friday, October 7th.

UPDATE: Title Update #3 addressing the "No Huddle" issue has made it through first party certification and will be available Friday (10/7).

This update was rushed out to get this addressed as quickly as possible, so the "No Huddle" is the only thing addressed.

Some details were revealed on September 21st.

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Member Comments
# 1 thehardknoxlife @ 10/03/11 06:44 PM
Rushed? Wait, it's been a month. What about the playbook issues, and the db blocking on option plays that were introduced by the last patch?
# 2 ucas005 @ 10/03/11 06:52 PM
Yawn. Game will still be largely unplayable specifically any form of dynasty. Get back to me when you start work on the MUCH needed patch 4.
# 3 TDenverFan @ 10/03/11 06:54 PM
I don't think this game is 'Unplayable' at all... But great to see this patch is out.
# 4 Gotmadskillzson @ 10/03/11 07:27 PM
3 days too late IMO. Rage and NBA 2K12 comes out tomorrow. Would have been better news if they said patch coming out friday and we will be releasing TUNERS to fix gameplay AI issues starting tomorrow.

You know the thing called TUNERS. The thing they said at E3 they will be using a lot of this year. More tuners then patches.

But over all if a month is called rushing, I would hate to see what taking their time looks like.

A for effort though.
# 5 MC2 @ 10/03/11 07:29 PM
Excuse me for asking, but whats the No Huddle issue?
# 6 jello1717 @ 10/03/11 07:56 PM
Originally Posted by MC2
Excuse me for asking, but whats the No Huddle issue?
You'll find tons of info on it with the search function.
# 7 Dr Death @ 10/03/11 08:00 PM
Originally Posted by ucas005
Get back to me when you start work on the MUCH needed patch 4.
That patch will be released next July under the title NCAA '13...
# 8 Gotmadskillzson @ 10/03/11 08:15 PM
Yeah I am thinking this is the last patch for NCAA 12. It is already October.....by their timeline, if they RUSH it will still take them another month before it comes out.

Therefore I highly doubt they will be releasing a patch around thanksgiving. Around this time of the year they already be full steam ahead of the next year's game.

Same thing happens every year. What ever don't get fixed by October, don't get fixed. History over the past 4 years have shown us that October is the cut off period for patches for NCAA.

Takes away resources from the new game. Which they usually try have an alpha build of by Christmas time.
# 9 Kingfish @ 10/03/11 09:07 PM
Originally Posted by Dr Death
That patch will be released next July under the title NCAA '13...
And I don't pay for patches...tell me when NCAA 14 comes out.
# 10 BadAssHskr @ 10/03/11 09:45 PM
Originally Posted by ucas005
Yawn. Game will still be largely unplayable specifically any form of dynasty. Get back to me when you start work on the MUCH needed patch 4.
Yawn.......your post.
# 11 coogrfan @ 10/03/11 09:51 PM
Good news indeed.
# 12 rspencer86 @ 10/03/11 10:13 PM
Good news, but if this is indeed the last patch it is disappointing that it only fixed one issue (albeit a pretty severe one).

And Gotmadskillz is 100% right on the tuner issue. They made a big deal about the ability to push out gameplay improvements quickly and frequently and thus far that ability has largely gone to waste.
# 13 khaliib @ 10/03/11 11:02 PM
This is 100% like last years timeline as far as doing anything to help fix game issues.

The big question is..........

Will you guys remember this when the hype machine starts up again for 2013?

To add to Skillz's post, remember when they hyped up using the Tuner process for the Demo?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but after promoting how they were going to improve the retail by using our feedback from the Demo, they dropped "0" Tuners after the community voiced concerns about the Demo.

We have to also realize that most folks that get to play early builds etc.. are utilized as part of the salemanship process.
Nothing against them personally, but that is just how EA is uses them to get to us.

After this years mess and how they've treated the gaming community after folks made the purchased, people better hold off on any excitement until they get their hands on a "RENTED" retail version and test and see for themselves.

I can only be made at myself, because I bought into the Tuner utilization also
# 14 mva5580 @ 10/03/11 11:30 PM
By Friday I should already have multiple mods in my NBA 2K12.

EA Sports, you've lost your way. When it comes to football at least.
# 15 I3RIS3H @ 10/03/11 11:31 PM
I have trained myself to have ZERO expectations with a patch produced by the NCAA team.
# 16 tonybologna @ 10/03/11 11:44 PM
They're only addressing this one issue with the 3rd patch? Are you serious EA Sports? Rushed out? Oh my gosh & Holy Cow! I can't believe this! They're gonna release a 3rd patch to address the no huddle issue only? There's far more things still wrong with the game than the no huddle bug. What are they thinking now?
# 17 andygilbert @ 10/04/11 01:05 AM
Maybe this means I can play the game if nothing else in play now mode and it only took what 3 or so months nice to have a playable game out of the box isn't it
# 18 ghettoqball @ 10/04/11 01:41 AM
Well, one thing is for sure... I won't be buying NCAA 13. I hope a lot of you guys will do the same. EA needs a wake up call.
# 19 lhinds7 @ 10/04/11 01:43 AM
I hope this patch breaks something else. I really do.
# 20 Sundown2600 @ 10/04/11 02:10 AM
The only news that excites me regarding an EA published game these days is Mass Effect 3.

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