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# 1 Dtownballa @ 10/04/11 10:06 PM
SICK Marketing.
# 2 slvicick @ 10/04/11 10:35 PM
Nice. I think that might be the best one so far
# 3 UnbelievablyRAW @ 10/04/11 10:38 PM
LOL I thought the axe ad at the beginning was part of it
# 4 wrestlinggod1 @ 10/04/11 10:52 PM
My reaction to this trailer?
# 5 Goffs @ 10/04/11 10:57 PM
Originally Posted by yankee4life
why the **** i cant play online or my player wtf????????
Same reason why you couldn't log online when Madden first came out. Just wait a few days when the servers aren't getting overloaded.
# 6 Steve_OS @ 10/04/11 11:24 PM
Youtube maintenance complete, video is there for readers that can't view the embed.
# 7 Ike04 @ 10/05/11 12:29 AM
just bought the game today. its great. they delivered on all the hype imo
# 8 thekida @ 10/05/11 10:02 AM
i nominate for game of the year...
# 9 DubTrey1 @ 10/05/11 12:34 PM
This game > all other games this year. Period.
# 10 Muzyk23 @ 10/05/11 01:20 PM
that was absolutely sick
# 11 runNgun27 @ 10/06/11 01:25 AM
AY 2K yall did yall thing in all but all these high graphics in everything is nice in a youtube video try puttin it in the game the basketballs can be a little more detailed aswell in the "game" its the small things and it didnt freeze after each possesion change in the demo y is it doin it in the real game its messin up the fast breaks

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