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# 1 mbergh22 @ 10/05/11 05:24 PM
finally the ref actually pulls the fighter off!
# 2 Jukeman @ 10/05/11 06:12 PM
Your'e battling back and forth in a mini game for subs yet there is no animation showing the struggle?

No struggle animation of guys getting out of a sub? Looks like they automatically get out of a sub like it's easy as pie.

Other than that cool vid!

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# 3 allBthere @ 10/05/11 11:27 PM
It's looking good imo. As long as say that anderson fighter is continuously throwing spinning backfists, that I can pick my shots and punish someone for jamming the technique button down I should be good. For example if I see that and block or dodge and throw a 1-2 leg kick combo and have that work to the point where the opponent is thinking 'damn i can't keep throwing that or I'm effed' Same with the power hook spamming, if you can get inbetween with jabs and straights, I'm good with that...then BAM throw something big largely because you've SET IT UP. That's where I think '09 really shines because online in particular I could use those real-life strategies to land my strikes standing. I like the feint system from the sounds of it, and just from the looks of it, I have to admit they're pulling me back in from loving '09 and really not caring for '10
# 4 Gotmadskillzson @ 10/06/11 11:32 AM
Meh........I don't really see the feint system as a good thing to be honest. EA MMA had the feint system and online it was useless. Mainly because player movement around the ring was too fast.

Therefore when you did do the feint, the online player would simply move back out of range of your fighter.
# 5 Gotmadskillzson @ 10/07/11 02:20 PM
Yeah that is what this series is missing is scrambles and explosiveness. Like the mighty mouse and Cruz fight. Mighty Mouse was exploding off his back to stand up. And half the time it was a mad scramble during the process of them trying to counter each other.

In this series, everything is predetermined to flow a certain way. There is no organic feel to it. You either get the move or you don't. There is no stuggle or scramble for it.

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