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Lost in the NCAA Football 12 Title Update #3 announcement, released earlier today, EA Sports and the NCAA Football 12 team have stated they are working on title update #4.

We'd also like to announce that the team is currently working on a fourth title update and we will announce details at a later date.

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# 1 Mogriffjr @ 10/07/11 11:10 AM
hmmm wonder what this could be updating...
# 2 fcboiler87 @ 10/07/11 11:10 AM
That is definitely great news. An outstanding 4th patch could make this game pretty darn good. Hopefully it addresses #1 the tendency glitch and # 2 coaching progression. Those are the two biggest things in my book, but I am sure there are others. I really wish they'd fix some of the logic with the coaching carousel, namely the fact that seemingly only coordinators get HC jobs. I won't hold my breath though. But if they fixed the CC, this would be an amazing game that would finally be well worth the investment.
# 3 NKRDIBL @ 10/07/11 11:12 AM
if the tendency issue is fixed it would be great. Everything else in my opinion I could live with, just the added work to go into every off season, and have to mass update rosters is just to insane. Very worried about playing a full dynasty until this is fixed.
# 4 blkrptnt819 @ 10/07/11 11:44 AM
I need custom playbooks fixed. I'm tired of not having certain formation subs.
# 5 patsfan1993 @ 10/07/11 11:56 AM
I like that they are trying to fix everything that is wrong. I am extremely worried about something getting broken as a result and then they don't have the time to fix it.

I wonder if it might just be better to leave it alone.
# 6 LionsFanNJ @ 10/07/11 12:00 PM
before another title update. GIVE US A DAMN TUNER.
# 7 crabcola @ 10/07/11 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by SECElite3
At this point, I am almost afraid to download and install patches from this company. It seems like every patch release just makes the game worse and worse. Maybe they will take their time with this one and surprise everyone. Forza is out next week so NCAA will be taking a back seat anyway.
I'm with you. I pulled the trigger on 4 as well. I was late to the party on Forza 3, and have been playing it non-stop to try and accomplish as much as I can before 4 gets here Tuesday.
# 8 stoncold32 @ 10/07/11 12:38 PM
dirty white uniforms?
# 9 JaZart @ 10/07/11 12:40 PM
Must say I'm genuinely surprised. Atleast they're showing support for the game 3-4 months after release. I honestly thought patch 3 would be our last and we'd have to make due with what we had.
# 10 Sundown2600 @ 10/07/11 01:10 PM
Originally Posted by LionsFanNJ
before another title update. GIVE US A DAMN TUNER.
That's what I'm saying.
# 11 fistofrage @ 10/07/11 01:26 PM
I really hope they address the lack of fumbles....My RB at various sliders just passed the 1500 carry mark without a fumble.
# 12 NKRDIBL @ 10/07/11 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
fix the corners on the option, the custom playbooks, tendency glitch, freezing issue and the fact that the penalty sliders mean nothing. If they can fix those things then this game will be a lot better. It'd be nice to actually see a Pass Interference called. Ive had my slider at 100 the entire time i've had the game and i am yet to see a Pass Interference called in 30+ games.

I am surprised they are even doing a 4th patch but hopefully they add a tuner set with this patch.

with penalty sliders its better to just bump up a slider like roughing the passer, and pretend that it is apass interference call. I have learnt to use my imagniation with this game, instead of worrying about freakishly stupid interceptions, just be thankful everytime the computer drops an easy pick.

The good with the bad my friend.
# 13 NKRDIBL @ 10/07/11 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by fistofrage
I really hope they address the lack of fumbles....My RB at various sliders just passed the 1500 carry mark without a fumble.

have you ever thought about testing a lower ball carrying rating to force more fumbles?
# 14 K0ZZ @ 10/07/11 02:16 PM
Problem is the game recognizes it by button presses. Just like when the CPU throws the ball in a way that should be flagged for intentional grounding. For some reason, EA Sport pretty much made it need to be triggered by a button press rather than by contact.
# 15 krildog @ 10/07/11 02:18 PM
Hopefully, they can get this out by Halloween. I'm glad that they are making the effort to fix the broken stuff. Fingers crossed all goes well.
# 16 Sundown2600 @ 10/07/11 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by fistofrage
I really hope they address the lack of fumbles....My RB at various sliders just passed the 1500 carry mark without a fumble.
Big run set to aggressive is the only solution to this problem. I've noticed that when I use my lean stick to the left or right in order to protect the ball my RB is likely to fumble.
# 17 Sundown2600 @ 10/07/11 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
i understand but if there's a PI without the QB being hit then that does no good or if there is no PI and they throw a Roughing QB call thats no good as well. It would just frustrate me.

I just don't understand why they even bother putting penalties in the game if they aren't going to call them. I think it has a lot to do with the poor WR/DB interaction in this game but to go 30+ games without a single PI called is beyond ridiculous considering there is at least 1 or 2 thrown in every game in real life.
Can someone remember which game last gen actually had the WR and DB going through an occasional bump animation when the ball was in the air? They would call a PI every time. I think it was 06 or 07.
# 18 NKRDIBL @ 10/07/11 02:45 PM
PS2 when reggie bush was on the cover, I think is the last time I have seen consitent PI calls being made, I also remember alot more tip drill picks
# 19 BTG @ 10/07/11 02:48 PM
I just want the CPU to stop trying 60 yard field goals on Heisman. That is all I care about at this point. Please EA. Please fix this.
# 20 K0ZZ @ 10/07/11 02:56 PM
It won't be out by halloween, thanksgiving is a ideal date.

It took them a month from a formal announcement to get 2 out, it will be at least november before they get it out to MS and Sony. Then add two weeks on that.

I might actually dust the game off and start working on Tyler Starks again if this patch delivers. But Fifa and Dead Island are occupying my time now.

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