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What's next for Forza fans? Check out the IGN Forza 4 article and find out.

Forza Motorsport 4 has been out for a week now but work on the game won't stop for some time. Several batches of additional content are already well into production to keep Forza 4 idling for the foreseeable future. IGN AU chats to Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director on Forza 4, for some additional insight.

"We're going to be having 10 cars a month," says Greenawalt. "This is a cadence we did before; some of the cars will be a la carte. We're also offering in this version a Season Pass where you can get six 10–car packs for 30 per cent off and, if you do that, you get the American Muscle Car pack, the first pack, for free. So it's a total of 70 cars for a reduced price."

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# 1 jyoung @ 10/18/11 07:14 PM
As far as it comes with other DLC we might do like tracks, Autovista, modes, things like that, we're still evaluating that part. The team's done shipping; we're taking a bit of a holiday. Those things take more people, they take more planning. So we have to evaluate that one. The car DLC is something we're so good at we can just keep that conveyor belt going all the time."

There are so many cars already in the game, that I usually don't bother with the car DLC.

New tracks are what I'd like to buy, but obviously, it takes them a lot longer to make a track than a car.
# 2 Dazraz @ 10/19/11 01:09 PM
Weather & night time racing are something the series needs.
# 3 Jimbo68 @ 10/19/11 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by Dazraz
Weather & night time racing are something the series needs.
So true. Can't justify this purchase without night racing and weather changes. Perhaps if they can add them in a patch or DLC I'll buy it then.
# 4 lnin0 @ 10/19/11 05:16 PM
They need to kiss and make up with ea. The lack of Porsche for the fist time in the series is really a big disappointment. Two RUFs do not take the place of all the classic and race versions found in previous Forzas. Give ea some damn Ferraris and get some Porches in return, you can hardly be the definitive car experience without Porsche.
# 5 BobbyColtrane @ 10/19/11 07:54 PM
2012 Dodge Charger SRT8, Challenger SRT8, and the 2012 Boss mustang need to be in STAT!!

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