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NCAA Football 12 title update #4 details have been revealed and will be available on November 8th.

Hey Everyone, Ben Haumiller here with the announcement that Title Update #4 is targeted to be available on Tuesday, November 8th. Here are the details on what's included in Title Update #4:

Online Desync fix

We've fixed a desync that was occurring when performing pre-play adjustments from the 3-4 Under defensive formation.

Road to Glory

We've fixed an issue with the playcalling AI where running plays were called too often in situations where a passing play should be called. This was most noticeable when trailing late in a game with a running back RTG character.

Online Dynasty – Transfer Failed

There are a few different issues that are causing Transfer Failed notifications in Online Dynasties. The majority of people ran into this error when attempting to upload data (i.e. game result, recruiting info, etc.). The fix for this issue involved more than we could do on the server side alone, and that fix is included in this Title Update. There will also be a server deployment necessary to complete the fix for these Transfer Failed issues. At this time, it looks like that server deployment will happen shortly after the Title Update is available. Once we know the exact date of the deployment we will be sure to pass the info along.

As for the remaining Transfer Failed issues, we are continuing to investigate server side fixes for these issues.

This concludes what will be included in Title Update #4. Due to additional gameplay risk involved to fix issues related to prospect tendencies in Dynasty mode, we’ve decided to forego addressing via a Title Update. To provide a little background on the tendencies issue, there are some portions of the game that convert a value to get the correct tendency, while other portions do not make this conversion. We were able to fix the tendency issue in the portions of the game that do the conversions through the Title Update, however fixing the other instances would require modification of database data, stored procedures, and code. Rather than risk the potential for this fix to cause other major data issues in Dynasty mode, the decision has been made to apply the proper fix in NCAA Football 13. Thank you for all of your support throughout the year.

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Member Comments
# 1 imwhatzup @ 10/31/11 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by dmacgreg37
Not going to fix the tendencies issues.

Will fix OL Dynasties, online desync, RTG playcalling.


# 2 Aranor @ 10/31/11 10:10 AM
Suprise suprise......oh wait thats not a suprise, thats typical EA for ya.
# 3 bmxdmx @ 10/31/11 10:16 AM
basically saying they wont update it again because it will take too long and mess up other parts. AKA wait till NCAA 13.
# 4 imwhatzup @ 10/31/11 10:25 AM
It will be interesting to see what happens with the sales of ncaa 13.
# 5 Aranor @ 10/31/11 10:31 AM
To me, thats lazy and irresponsible for EA to make a game and leave so many things half ***. I wonder how sales will go next year after this farse this year. From terrible gameplay to muffled crowds where you cant tell the difference between ball state stadium or ohio state to alabama is sad. Have a penalty against the home team should hear clearly BOO since thats how loud a large stadium sounds like. WR and DB the can catch w/o looking back. And even the tendency issue that has been here since the beginning and will be ignored. Just change all the players every year to have the rite tendencies.

Lets just wait for 13 for another round of hype and glitches and bugs. Seems to be how football in EA has become.
# 6 crques @ 10/31/11 10:34 AM
Originally Posted by dmacgreg37
Not going to fix the tendencies issues.

Will fix OL Dynasties, online desync, RTG playcalling.

Can someone elaborate a little more on what the tendency issue is please? I'm not really familiar with it. Thanks.
# 7 fistofrage @ 10/31/11 10:49 AM
Now this is funny. The only thing of note that came out of this is that EA finally recognizes they break things when they try to do patches or tuners.

There really weren't any online "play now" issues. That is the crowd EA caters to, so its no suprise that nothing was fixed for the offline game.

EA is very fortunate they are the only game in town. I feel like an underprivaleged kid on a school meal program, if you want to eat, you have to take what they give you.
# 8 Scott @ 10/31/11 10:52 AM
Hmm they could fix the custom playbooks instead.
# 9 MMurda @ 10/31/11 11:12 AM
thats just great (no fix for tendencies). it was so great playing oregon in my dyn the other day and not worrying about darron thomas doing anything hes known for thanx to his tendency being jacked. it was so great sacking him all the time as he didnt use his speed and just stood there in the pocket scared to run. EA will not get my money for ncaa 13 or madden 13. im done and saying with confidence....no more buying blatantly unfinished or un-innovative product!

we deserve a partial refund...honestly speaking. major portions of the game did not work consistently(OD transfer issues or custom playbooks) or at all(tendencies). EA should be ashamed. cant wait to see if theres any blowback from this horrible release next yr. im only here waiting for the 4th patch info. now that i know theyre not fixing what im looking for in tendencies....doubt ill be in the ncaa forum anymore. ah well....who cares...not EA thats for sure. good grief!
# 10 Retropyro @ 10/31/11 11:36 AM
At this point EA should be offering NCAA 13 for $20 to anyone who bought NCAA 12.
# 11 ucas005 @ 10/31/11 11:40 AM
And .... SOLD! Thanks, but no thanks. Maybe see you again in '14. Hopefully by then another company is in the mix to compete with (or there is a change in leadership) to raise this dying product from the dead. I'm not going to spend $60 to be an EA beta tester. Fooled me once Ben. What a complete disaster. To think I spent the last couple months tweaking sliders and perfecting rosters all in hopes of FINALLY starting my dynasty after patch #4.
# 12 slingblade73 @ 10/31/11 11:46 AM
EA just lost a life long customer. I am not kidding.
# 13 LionsFanNJ @ 10/31/11 11:49 AM
eh. I was holding off playing as i have so many games in the rotation. Since there isn't much gameplay tweaks I can start up again. Cool.

And i figured from the start the tendency thing is a huge database fix. not surprising it has to be fixed for next year.

# 14 booker21 @ 10/31/11 12:10 PM
hahaha i love the part that we will fix it for ncaa 2013 hahahha.
# 15 knighthawksfan @ 10/31/11 12:10 PM
Well hopefully I can finish year six with my friends and go too atleast year 10 or 12. I love ncaa football 12
# 16 Gotmadskillzson @ 10/31/11 12:19 PM
This is deja vu.........

They said the same thing in NCAA 10, we will fix it in NCAA 11. NCAA 11 same problems were there, few patches, then it was we will fix it in NCAA 12, 4 patches, we will fix it in NCAA 13.

So effectively for 3 years now......They boasted about their tuner system and in 3 years, 3 games combined, they have released 2 tuners.

What was the point of investing all that time and money in a tuner system and they won't even use it ?
# 17 BadAssHskr @ 10/31/11 12:25 PM
I'm glad they recognized that fixing the tendency deal would further jack other areas of the game and opted out.

As far as i'm concerned the game plays pretty damn well.

Will gladly take the game not getting broken this far into the season.
# 18 Aranor @ 10/31/11 12:26 PM
Hmmmmmet me think..... building the hype letting you thinkcitll be fixed so you spend 60+ more next year to be told itll be fixed the next year.
# 19 TheTodd84 @ 10/31/11 12:35 PM
I agree with everyone's sentiment. This franchise, as well as Madden, is an absolute joke. They refuse to fix GAMEPLAY issues EVERY YEAR. It baffles me, and they have no explanation for it.

No more money on NCAA until the gameplay has done a 180. This is ridiculous that there are so many bugs and issues that still cannot be fixed by patch #4.

Fool me once (NCAA 10), shame on you... Fool me twice (NCAA 11), shame on me... Fool me Three times (NCAA 12), I'm part of the problem.

So, I will no longer be that problem. I will spend $0 on EA products until they are proven they are up to par. I've heard battlefield is great, but with the abomination the EA sports franchises are, with the exception of maybe NHL and sometimes FIFA, Battlefield will not get my money. Not one cent. It's a shame, really, but a few bad apples always ruin things for the rest of us and that's the case with EA.

I literally haven't picked up NCAA 12 in close to a month now because of the superhuman LBs, the CPU teams not playing like they do in real-life, receivers not looking around to catch the ball, DBs running routes for the receivers, warping, etc. That's unheard of during football season for me. But that's how bad this game is, it's a shame.

So, I am done with the NCAA forums until next april when they make more announcements, and unless I hear huge gameplay re-vamps, I will not be even making comments. EA doesn't deserve my time. So I wish all of you a happy halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, hannukah and anything else you may celebrate. See you in 2012, depending on the announcements.
# 20 khaliib @ 10/31/11 12:53 PM
What this has revealed is that all the pre-release gameplay hype that a select few are allowed to partake in really does the community little/no good because history has shown that the community always seem to get the bad end of the stick after the purchasing.

Nothing against these individuals, but with this developer, there is this year-in, year-out consumer effort to fix/tweak those under the hood issues they are not able to test through hands-on gameplay while they are at these community events.

EA's football Demo's fall into the same thinking.
What is released as a Demo, is not indicative of what will be in your $60 purchase.

Leading into NCAA 13 hype time, I wish all forums/commities would adopt this simple mindset...

Keep your words and "Show us some Proof"

The truth is that I really believe EA's brand of football is incapable of meeting/exceeding the level of some of the other sports titles it's constantly compared to.

It's simply not there.
Thus why the game is, were it is and have struggled in the basic football 101 area's every year since being on Next-Gen.

As others have noted:
They market the use to Tuners from Pre-Demo to Release, and we get not one as at least as an attempt to say we're listening to our fanbase!!!

I just want someone else to take a stab at bringing us some College Football, period!!!

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