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NLSC has posted their Q&A session with NBA Jam: On Fire Edition producer, Cody Sawatsky.

One of the things I really like about Road Trip is that we can select a new team every game, making it a mix of the old school ladder mode, last yearís Classic Campaign and Remix Mode. Was that the goal, and how did it come about?

Absolutely it was! Iím glad you noticed. Veterans of last yearís Remix Mode may recognize the divisional layout. However, something we wanted to highlight with Road Trip was team differentiation. Key to that was to let you choose whatever team you wanted to play against whatever team you were facing.

Taking the progression off of one team and placing it on the player was a decision we made early. We knew how frustrating it was to be thrown into a matchup against a team that your chosen team was a very poor choice against. Also, you had very little if any choice in who you were facing next. By making the challenge ladder totally open, but blocking off the really hard challenges behind easier ones, we can encourage people to explore different teams, switch up their play-styles, and hopefully up their game!

We also werenít necessarily fans of the Classic Campaign screen from last year. You look at it and itís like ďMan, thatís a lot of matchesĒ, which it is. We have even more matches this year, but we give you way more choice. Thatís very important in keeping the game feeling fresh, and the players engaged.

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# 1 mike24forever @ 11/01/11 08:53 AM
Very good read. I absolutely love this game. What is even more surprising is the attention to detail with regards to the shoes!!!! Magic has his Converse with the Laker Colours!!! Love it!
# 2 gccosph @ 11/01/11 11:12 AM
Love the Patrick Ewing face. Lol

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