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After spending a bit of time with Need for Speed: The Run, it's readily apparent that publisher Electronic Arts' contemporary habits have had an influence on this iteration of the long-running franchise. Your mileage may vary on whether that influence is something you want, but either way you can expect the ubiquitous EA online pass, a persistent profile with news updates, Burnout-style takeouts and XP gains (even though those aren't the focus of the game) and a story mode that appears quite similar to the “edgy” yarn that Fight Night: Champion attempted to deliver.

The Run offers a few modes of play, including the titular story mode, some challenge tracks and a suite of online races. The interface seems to work relatively well, allowing you to get into what you want fairly quickly. I was pleased to see minimal interference from the usually pesky EA servers, and the “autolog” that tracks your persistent stats, levels and unlocks does a good job of showing how you're doing.

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# 1 savoie2006 @ 11/18/11 05:26 PM
Racing is a sport and this game fits under that bill. Besides this isn't the actual review, just initial impressions.
# 2 savoie2006 @ 11/19/11 02:44 PM
There is still racing involved in the game, therefore it's a sports title and fighting is now considered a sport as well.
# 3 savoie2006 @ 11/19/11 08:37 PM
I know, the fighting comment was just me being a smart ***...the fact is this is a racing game at it's core, with some extra cinematics thrown in.
# 4 TrapStar215 @ 11/20/11 01:18 AM
It doesnt matter, it's still the 2nd worst NFS ever made behind Pro Street!
# 5 FlyBri @ 11/20/11 04:04 AM
If it's close to the demo, and hasn't been SIGNIFICANTLY improved, this one is gonna suck BIG TIME. Handling is horrible and graphics really aren't that great at all. It almost felt like I was playing Crusin' USA from 1994! lol.
# 6 TrapStar215 @ 11/20/11 03:04 PM
Crusin' USA was the game back on N64! LOL
# 7 MrKasoogi @ 11/26/11 01:55 PM
Cruisin' USA is classic! Way better than the demo for this game.

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