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GameSpot has posted some NBA 2K12 DLC Legends Showcase videos on their Youtube channel. What are your first thoughts?

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Thanks Sundown!

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# 1 augustburnsred @ 11/17/11 03:55 PM
HORSE looks like it could be fun/difficult. Wonder how the different shots are going to work. Granny from halfcourt!
# 2 KyotoCarl @ 11/17/11 04:09 PM
I'm not impressed. This should've been in Blacktop mode from the start.

I hope this isn't restricted to online though, HORSE looks like a lot of fun to play with a friend beside you.
# 3 alexthegreat @ 11/17/11 05:28 PM
nice. Cant wait to play
# 4 ratedmoney @ 11/17/11 06:19 PM
Im gonna be honest this looks disappointing
# 5 mreyes930 @ 11/17/11 06:29 PM
It's crazy that 2K expects me to pay $10 for HORSE. I'd rather go outside and play for real. I love the game but all of this seems unnecessary. I must admit I'm disappointed.
# 6 L1VINGL3GACY @ 11/17/11 06:39 PM
# 7 aga11ah @ 11/17/11 06:48 PM
am I the only one that feels like 2k is starting to fall off? they are getting like EA was with Live.
# 8 LebronGarnett12 @ 11/17/11 07:37 PM
# 9 XenoZograscope @ 11/17/11 07:50 PM
This is sad.
# 10 qnzballa5 @ 11/17/11 08:02 PM
Horse is da only thing dat looks fun.. Aint no way im buyin this dlc lmao. How bout make Online Great..
# 11 brian05fubu @ 11/17/11 08:16 PM
Why cel-shading? What's the point of it? To hide the downgraded graphics? It just ruins the whole thing.
# 12 eko718 @ 11/17/11 08:24 PM
This looks corny. Same music that is in the game already is blaring through the speakers and the gameplay looks exactly the same with abysmal cel-shading... does not seem 'fresh' in any way. If the gameplay was going to be identical, they should have left that cel-shading off. It doesn't add, it detracts.
# 13 eko718 @ 11/17/11 08:29 PM
The corniest part of this to me is the music. I mean, by now we've heard the menu songs 100's of times. Why have that playing during the game? NBA Street had beats, without words, that didn't get repetitive. That would have been a wiser direction to take. Really seems like a slapdash job.
# 14 The Yurpman @ 11/17/11 08:31 PM
Really don't understand the need for the cel-shade graphics. What's the point? The game already looks beautiful with its regular, HD graphics. Is 2K trying to incorporate an NBA Street feel to their game?
# 15 amedawg00 @ 11/17/11 08:42 PM
Whats so hard about giving us the legends mode online in regular team stadiums, without the cartoony cel-shaded graphics. One of the few times in which I will pass on a 2k sports product without any reservations whatsoever.
# 16 oldschool127 @ 11/17/11 09:26 PM
The cartoon grahpics are silly and take away from the game. This looks terrible! I'll be honest, I'll buy this DLC just to get acess to the 45 new legends and the ability to edit legend rosters. But that's the onlyn reason I'm buying this.
# 17 RUFFNREADY @ 11/17/11 10:06 PM
DLC = Borderlands, with a splash of 2K12; this is joke right? Because i am not laughing! Total disappointment going on with 2K12, and now this!
**$10.00 ** charge DLC????
This truely is the end of the world!

# 18 Classic88 @ 11/17/11 10:22 PM
I really don't know what to say. This is just borderline disrespectful.
# 19 far east man @ 11/18/11 05:00 AM
I don't think we'll be able to use the additional 45 legends in quick play or season or association though... Reports say they are relegated to the showcase and nowhere else. sucks!
# 20 daveberg @ 11/18/11 05:11 AM
Don't care for this AT ALL.

With an NBA season pretty much lost and a game that has most of its focus on legends and classic teams, why on earth didn't 2k just continue to release DLC classic teams instead of this streetball farce? They've totally missed a trick there.

I'm still sadly waiting for:

98 Heat
96/97/98 Knicks
98 Pacers
93/05 Suns
01 Sixers
01 Lakers
95 Rockets

I'd better stop there......2k should've dropped this cell shade gimmick and concentrated fully on legendary teams.

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