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Recently, we asked Justin Dewiel, Community Manager at EA Sports about online franchise roster updates and the promised Madden NFL 12 tuner sets. Here is his response.

Any updates for the Online Franchise Rosters?

We don't normally do online franchise roster updates during the season. There's one to start the season and one at the end.

What is the latest on Madden NFL 12 tuner sets?

No updates regarding tuners to pass along at this point.

As many of us already know, tuner sets and surprise onside kicks were announced back in February.

Based off of his response, do you think we see tuner sets for Madden NFL 12?

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# 1 roadman @ 11/27/11 09:35 AM
I had the same response a month ago about the tuner sets.

Kinda disappointing at this stage, especially when it was announced several months ago.
# 2 RGiles36 @ 11/27/11 09:42 AM
Nah, I don't think we'll be seeing any tuner sets.

We have gotten two patches, but who knows if we'll see anything else. I've been personally wondering if they've internally shifted a lot of focus to M13. Maybe there is some truth to the next wave of consoles debuting late next year, and they want to make launch?

Otherwise, they've really dropped the ball on how M12 was handled post launch -- at least when you compare it to the amount of support that the inferior M11 received.
# 3 LionsFanNJ @ 11/27/11 09:46 AM
Yeah I dont/won't ever expect a tuner in either EA football game. Just a waste of an announcement for something they'll never use. Or they realize we want NHL sytle tuners, they can't implement them, so they give us nothing.

I'm sure Madden 13 will announce tuners and never use them either. Its just how it works
# 4 DJ @ 11/27/11 10:13 AM
Madden and NCAA dropped the ball BIG TIME in regards to the lack of Tuner sets for their respective games. I don't understand how a smaller-staffed NHL team can churn out multiple tuners, while NCAA only released a tuner alongside a patch, and we've seen nothing from Madden.

NHL also gives the user the option of which tuner set to use, while NCAA forced you to use the most-recent installment. Again, I don't understand how one game can give us options and another, made under the same EA umbrella, cannot.
# 5 kjjnesb @ 11/27/11 10:20 AM
I would guess the change in leadership on the madden team played a big part in this. Makes sense the new guys would prefer to focus on there vision for Madden 13 rather then spend precious time fixing the previous teams bugs in Madden 12.
# 6 wat3 @ 11/27/11 10:34 AM
No. Viva La APF 2K8!
# 7 JayD @ 11/27/11 10:34 AM
Why add tuner sets if they do not release any. Pretty disappointing if no tuner sets or another patch is released to address many glaring problems, mainly the issue with imported and UDFA pad/body glitch.
# 8 PhillyJim76 @ 11/27/11 10:36 AM
I actually don't find anything wrong with this year's madden, there is just an overall sense that they just don't even care about certain things and just want additional things to put on the back of the box
# 9 Big FN Deal @ 11/27/11 12:09 PM
Personally I am cool with them not putting anymore time into M12, if it means all focus is being placed on M13. I can understand those disappointed with no tuner sets at this point considering it was a touted addition of M12 though.

I think one of the issues with next gen Madden might have been not knowing when to move on from the current version and refine the next one. Like others have said, if we could chose from various tuner sets, that would be great but if that's not the way Madden tuner sets are formatted, probably best to leave it.

Then again maybe the dev team is busy preparing underground bunkers for 2012 and Madden is the furthest thing from their minds. lol
# 10 Gotmadskillzson @ 11/27/11 12:20 PM
The words "Tuner Set" isn't in the Madden/NCAA development team vocabulary. They have to acknowledge something is wrong with their games 1st.
# 11 ukredskin @ 11/27/11 01:02 PM
ncaa 12 and madden 12 are no longer an issue it seems to EA.
madden 12 isnt a bad game,it just needs a couple of tweeks and they will have it sorted.just a shame EA management dont care about there customers.
# 12 bigsmallwood @ 11/27/11 01:48 PM
This is really poor and the reason why people don't respect Madden or the Dev team. Anybody who tries to defend their actions at this point is just delusional....smh
# 13 cavsfan2 @ 11/27/11 02:45 PM
EA lied. The only thing Im surprised about is that other people are surprised
# 14 Retropyro @ 11/27/11 03:16 PM
I don't think EA lied, I'd say that Tiburon lied. Why EA continues to allow them to develop their football games I just don't understand.
# 15 Senator Palmer @ 11/27/11 03:24 PM
Judging by that response, I'd say a NO! There's not even a simple "we're workin' on it", or "in the near future."

"Not at this time" sounds like PR speak for don't hold your breath.

Really a shame. Last year the NCAA team did, what, 3 tuner sets that I can remember? Don't know what happened this year. I thought it'd be a no-brainer that'd we'd have seen at least 2 by now.

Guess I can stop waiting now.
# 16 khaliib @ 11/27/11 04:40 PM
I wonder what the list would look like for all the pre-released advertised things that never were utilized or done incorrectly by EA since being on these Next-Gen systems?

This isn't nothing new on their part, as they are allowed to work this way during pre-release marketing year after year.

It irks me how they (EA) use dedicated sites like OS to market to 1,000's of the sites members, then dissappear after release and leave their trash/mess for forum mod's to clean up.

This because the frustrations from the members to call EA on such things is pitted against Mod's necessity to enforce forum site rules, while they sneak out the back door until next year's marketing phase.

After 7 releases on Next-Gen, have gamers FINALLY come to realize why "GAMEPLAY" is so important to go into detail about with this developer and the foremost aspect of the game that should have at least a dedicated 2-3 weeks of Q/A before discussion on any other aspect of the game?

Have we arrived there yet?
Or are facemask, hair, nails, makeup and other visuals still the most important to talk about?

As Skillz noted, they have to acknowledge that there is something wrong with their games gameplay, and his response speaks louder than anything, that they simply do not believe their is anything wrong that would need a Tuner, end of story.

As far as not spending anymore time on this year's release to concentrate on next year.
I remember this being said after the 2007 release with huge wishlist of things that needed fixed.

Got to admit though, utilizing Tuners for their football did sound good and get us excited for a moment.

Then Reality!!!
# 17 SteboSSK @ 11/27/11 05:14 PM
Originally Posted by Retropyro
I don't think EA lied, I'd say that Tiburon lied. Why EA continues to allow them to develop their football games I just don't understand.
This man speaks the truth. EA Sports as a whole still puts out some quality sports games. I dont play anything but football and basketball but the level of quality that FIFA, NHL and PGA Tiger Woods cant be denied. None of these games are developed by Tiburon...
# 18 Herky @ 11/27/11 05:29 PM
NCAA got 1 tuner set this year.

Madden probably won't get any.

It's been a frustrating year for football gaming. EA is really getting lazy or they just don't care.
# 19 tarantism @ 11/27/11 05:30 PM
Seems like false advertising to me. That's ok though, I don't trust them anyway. I prefer to do the tuning myself.
# 20 havokeff @ 11/27/11 05:43 PM
What were the tuning sets actually supposed to do?

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