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Designer, Yuri Bialoskursky has posted another NFL Blitz blog. This one covers the Blitz store.

It's the time of the year when shopping seems to be on everyone's mind, and I'm definitely no different. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, 2-day sales, whatever the case may be, people are lined up and ready to spend their hard earned cash on cool stuff for both their loved ones and themselves. Luckily, in NFL Blitz you won't have to spend a dime (outside of initially buying the game, of course!) in order to enjoy your very own shopping spree in our Blitz Store.

Before we get to that though, we need to talk about Blitz Bucks and how you can get your hands on some. If you've been reading my blogs or watching my videos over the last few weeks, you may have heard me mention Blitz Bucks from time to time, and then never explain what they were or how to get them... I'm a jerk like that, I know, but that all changes today.

Blitz Bucks are what we use as our currency in NFL Blitz, and what we reward you with at the end of every online game. The number of Blitz Bucks you can earn is based on few different things, but how well you perform in the games you play is by far the most important. In every game there are a number of stat categories that we track and display for you at both halftime and at the end of the game. Each of these stat categories can only be won by either you or your opponent, and the more categories you win, the more Blitz Bucks you earn. Of course the easiest way to earn a big chunk of Blitz Bucks is to simply win the game, but don't worry, even the losers will get something. Another way to increase the number of Blitz Bucks you get at the end of the game is to take advantage of the Daily Bonus. Yup, we reward you for simply doing what you'll probably be doing anyway, and that's playing NFL Blitz. The Daily Bonus will increase as long as you complete one online game of NFL Blitz every day for up to seven days.

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