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Check out all the Madden NFL 12 roster rating changes for week 13. These rosters will be available tomorrow morning.

There are well over 500+ transactions, player equipment updates, and player rating adjustments that went into this update for the online rosters. Huge update for you guys after a big Thanksgiving weekend of games!

The biggest movers from Week 12 on the positive side are OL Maurice Hurt (WAS) with a 5 point boost this week (now 67 overall), LB Aaron Maybin (NYJ) going +5 to 68 overall, OL Marshall Newhouse (GB) going up +4 to a 69 overall, LB Connor Barwin (HOU) goes up +4 to 82 overall, WR Victor Cruz (NYG) going up 3 points to 82, DL Dave Ball (TEN) going up +3 to a 83 and finally, P Shane Lechler (OAK) going up +1 to a 99 overall.

Some of the biggest movers on the negative side are OL Kareem McKenzie (from 88 to 85 overall), OL Steve Hutchinson (MIN) down 2 points to 85 overall, WR Braylon Edwards goes down 2 points to a 80 overall, DL Fred Robbins (from 82 to 79 overall) and DB Nate Allen (from 75 to 75 overall).

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# 1 suthrnthug @ 12/01/11 05:07 PM
I'm actually surprised Green Bay didn't get any decreases. Usually they like to cut someones rating for no apparent reason (See Jordy Nelson) And when is Aaron Rodgers going to get his 100 rating!
# 2 bmj2k7 @ 12/01/11 11:25 PM
Rodgers will never get 100 ovr, even brady never got 100 ovr and brady has had 100 accuracy multiple times including this year voted as leagues most accurate QB
# 3 coogrfan @ 12/02/11 11:15 AM
Tony Fiammetta FB DAL Removed from depth chart (suspension)

# 4 Rich00 @ 12/02/11 11:19 AM
I hate how he just removes people from the depth chart when they are on IR. I mean put the players on the IR who are on it. When you remove them from the dpeth chart and sim an offline franchise season they go down a lot.
# 5 Scott @ 12/02/11 11:21 AM
Originally Posted by coogrfan
Tony Fiammetta FB DAL Removed from depth chart (suspension)

# 6 khaliib @ 12/02/11 12:52 PM
I really wish they would do the following as there are many gamers that don't use their rosters full of jacked up superman's. (ie DE's with SPD/ACC above 80's).

Because there are alot of gamers using rosters with edited player ratings, why not code/program any updates to just +/- a player's ratings accordingly.

Tackle A gave up some sacks, thus he has - 20 pt deduction across the board in his Pass/Footwork Blocking.

RB A has fumbled 4 times, thus his Ball Carry drops 25 pts

Player X is injured but still can play, drop his positional ratings across the board etc...

Oh, forgot.
Many of these ratings don't matter beyond driving what animations should play.

Wrong thread.
My Bad!!!
# 7 vstro @ 12/02/11 02:08 PM
Surprised to see Greg Little go up from 73 to 75 after having like 4-5 drops last Sunday.
# 8 mkharsh33 @ 12/02/11 02:49 PM
Max Starks was probably Pitt's best OL on the field the other night and he gets a reduction... Sorry to say, but is EA even watching the games or are these just random? Head-scratchers...

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