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Forza Motorsport 4 Title Update #2 details have been released, at the official site.

What have you done to improve gameplay in Forza 4 for players that use accessories such as the Fanatec CSR wheel?

The new title update addresses a number of issues for players who use 900-degree wheels like the Fanatec Forza Motorsport 4 CSR Wheel. First up is the so-called “Zero credit” bug, where users playing Forza 4 with a 900-degree wheel weren’t receiving credit or XP after finishing a race. This problem was created because of some anti-cheating measures we had in place. If our system didn’t detect more than a six-degree movement on the wheel in a single frame, we would invalidate that session and the result would be that the player would not receive credits or XP. Because of the fidelity of a 900-degree wheel, and the smoothness of so many hardcore sim drivers in Forza 4, it was easy to trigger our detection system by rarely (or, in some cases never) making more than a six-degree turn in a single frame. In essence, we were failing to reward our best drivers simply because they were so smooth behind the wheel.

With the title update, we’ve changed the detection logic to accurately support smooth driving with 900-degree wheels.

In addition, we’ve also addressed the issues with countersteering when playing with the 900-degree wheel. Previously while countersteering, the 900-degree wheel was inadvertently being mapped as a 270-degree wheel -– effectively a 3:1 ratio. This had nothing to do with simulation versus normal steering or speed-sensitive steering. This was a mapping bug.

After some intensive play-testing internally, we were able to completely isolate the countersteering bug identified by the community and have implemented a fix that keeps the wheel mapped as a 900-degree wheel under all conditions. The result of this change will be more consistent steering and countersteering, though catching a car when getting loose in corner will require more wheel input and better timing. In essence, it’s even more realistic than before and I believe it will add an even greater simulation challenge for our most advanced drivers.

To read more about Forza Motorsport 4 Title Update #2, click here.

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