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Donny Moore has posted the latest Madden NFL 12 roster update details for week 14. The rosters should be available tomorrow morning for both 360 and PS3.

The biggest movers from Week 13 on the positive side are DL Leger Douzable (JAX) with a 8 point boost this week (now 68 overall), QB T.J. Yates (HOU) going +4 to 70 overall, DL Linval Joseph (NYG) going up +4 to a 76 overall, LB Justin Houston (KC) goes up +3 to 77 overall, OL John Sullivan (MIN) going up 4 points to 81, LB Aldon Smith (SF) going up +2 to a 85 and finally, OL Marshal Yanda (BAL) going up +3 to a 93 overall.

Some of the biggest movers on the negative side are OL Adam Goldberg (from 72 to 69 overall), OL Barry Richardson (KC) down 3 points to 72 overall, QB Rex Grossman goes down 2 points to a 74 overall, CB Eric Wright (from 78 to 76 overall) and OL Todd Herremans (from 91 to 89 overall).

Your thoughts on the roster adjustments?

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# 1 zten11 @ 12/08/11 11:17 AM
Greg Olsen at 86 still seems a bit too high. I think 84 sounds right for him at best, but possibly even a little bit lower. Ahhhh look at that, like I said earlier, Tebow reaching very close to an 80. They have him at 79 now. I think that is about right for him. TJ Yates hits 70 from 66. Maybe he isn't so bad afterall. I expect him to stay somewhere around there or possibly even increase to a 72 if we see him continue to play well. Pierre Garcon is at least an 81. Madden seems to be penalizing him a bit because of the QB he doesn't have. Marcedes Lewis 86? That seems kind of high. Some tight ends tend to be more highly rated for some reason. Matt Moore got increased to an 80. I guess that could go either way. I wouldn't be surprised if he got decreased by one or so points very soon. Percy Harvin 87, I love that rating. He has been a stud lately and he really seems to have that superstar potential. He is exploding now like Vincent Jackson was two years ago. Tom Brady at 98 or 99. What the heck is the difference? Just make a decision on this guy. Victor Cruz could easily be higher in the near future but I'm not necessarily saying he deserves to be higher at all now. DeSean Jackson seems at a minimal rating now with 85. That whole team has just had problems this year but he is one of the most explosive receivers in the league and should probably be no higher than an 87. Marshawn Lynch's rating is just sky-rocketing. He is on a tear but they should be careful with that. Players get hot and then they die out sometimes. LeGarrette Blounte seems slightly low at 82. I would be okay with him at an 85 to be honest but his carries are being limited because of his team's awful performance lately.
# 2 azdawgpound @ 12/08/11 11:41 AM
MLB DQwell Jackson browns not getting an update is just plain insane dude is tied for 2nd in WHOLE nfl for tackles and is averaging 9 tackles a game and has gotten a 1 point increase in last month and half donny really needs start looking @ stats instead of W-L records for teams.
# 3 suthrnthug @ 12/08/11 12:21 PM
Aaron Rodgers got an accuracy boost! Just a couple of steps away from that 100 overall rating for A-Rod!
# 4 tyg412 @ 12/08/11 02:01 PM
whats with them not putting players on IR? i mean they fixed it this year why not use it.
# 5 bmj2k7 @ 12/08/11 10:09 PM
Wow 3 TDs and now owning the record for TDs by a TE and tied for the record for receiving TDs by a TE with 13 and only a 1 point boost for Rob Gronkowski who some are already saying hes the leagues best TE and will be next year!
# 6 Stichamania @ 12/08/11 10:47 PM
Anybody know why they keep Fabian Washington off of the Saints roster every roster update that they do?
# 7 shagrugg @ 12/08/11 10:55 PM
Originally Posted by SpursnSaintsFTW
How does dallas lose to the cardinals and not have any of thier player ratings go down....
Dallas homer(s) on staff at EA.
# 8 shagrugg @ 12/08/11 10:55 PM
Originally Posted by Stichamania
Anybody know why they keep Fabian Washington off of the Saints roster every roster update that they do?
He's no longer on IR for Saints. He's been released from IR and has worked out for other teams this season. He's a FA.
# 9 TheDelta @ 12/08/11 10:58 PM
Originally Posted by bmj2k7
Wow 3 TDs and now owning the record for TDs by a TE and tied for the record for receiving TDs by a TE with 13 and only a 1 point boost for Rob Gronkowski who some are already saying hes the leagues best TE and will be next year!
He's 22 years old and now a 93 OVR, that's not exactly bad... and considering his age, he indeed will probably be the league's best TE if you give him a year's progression in your franchise. His rating is fine.
# 10 Stichamania @ 12/08/11 11:11 PM
Originally Posted by shagrugg
He's no longer on IR for Saints. He's been released from IR and has worked out for other teams this season. He's a FA.
lol oh ok. Thanks for clearing that up.
# 11 Gibson88 @ 12/12/11 12:20 AM
Do the Roster updates go through the playoffs or do they stop in Week 17?
# 12 stooge 1010 @ 12/12/11 01:08 PM
where is justin trattou (giants) kiante tripp (browns) mike holmes(colts) and im sure there are others missing. im pretty sure they are on the teams, not there practice squads.
# 13 PanthersGM305 @ 12/13/11 12:50 PM
Bruh , I tweet donny_moore almost everyday when i find players missing. I belive now Robert McClain CB# got picked up by Jags, those you mention.. I am not sure but Sammy Morris isnt in the game on last week RS UP#14... But Yet theres still room in the FA for him to put back the active NFLPA player his being removing for no reason at all...(no explanation on there process) for removal of current NFL union players... another thing J.P. Losman has being in the league for how long..never had a portriat execpt for his first year in buffalo after that he wasnt a starter EA dint update his pic, They finally put a better face for CAM NEWTON, And forgot that Deangelo Willims got pulled by his hair this pass sunday.. Str8 dreads on him 14 weeks still not fixing it, Cams 6 yrs massive contract is not actual , he makes more than the anybody else in the team...Hence IRL his making like 40 mil less than Sammy did last year...But he wont fix that reason i have no clue...Than the fake player in FA who make it over to the next season ie. You, RObert WR even at 12 ovr he moves up 1 point to 13 on the following offseason check and his still in the FA pool sitting at the bottom ,only cause i edit him before the start of my chise... I cant even enjoy running a full season with all the players always missing ... He put Reggie Wells in the game to have him be release... while he was on the prevoius active roster once Jeff Otah got put on I.R. that still dint happen, THomas williams iis not on IR, fug roster are never 100% correct... but NBA2k12 makes sure once their offically signed their contract by NBA they get update... I havent had as much fun running a NFL , as compare to NBA2k11 at that.. cause those guys put allot in them to make you feel like well your running your own team...Tho you get fired on 2k , you even have to get a training staff together scouts,, and again this is last years version i am still playing it.. 2k12 ill wait after all the rookie sign to get it i cant wait...still my number one love is football but due to EAs not caring about the product their putting out on the shelfs to sale ...Quality of quantity... C'mon man...put back players like Randy Moss, Charles Rodgers, Colt Brennan... I mean crap not even the correct coachs are in this EA Madden 12 arcade style game,.,maybe they should just come out and say that what it is..cause man i am just tired of deleting my chise and starting over ... due to missing roster players , i cant even CAP them due to the A potential default for all user made players... Fug every where in this game engine , Boy on the QB sneak with cam he just falls foward lol expoid glich got patch by not allowing full control.. at times they run the plays for you...try it even while playing online game , if you want to run it up the middle on a draw just hike it and let the CPU run it for a 1st dw must of the time... WTF is this game come to... no wonder why the man him self MAdden wanted no part of this nomore.... Sad IDGAF next year EA your not getting my money until you can impress me with a more complete game or atlease try for cosumer sake.. yes some are happy but when on sundays you see things you dont see in the game, theres a problem.. for ex James Anderson is a OLB for Carolina guess who is calling the D plays on the field Dan Conner with his green sticker as a default all MLB have it... I cant remember is james has it in the game since his the guy who calls the play.. theres no options to change that ... well yet another updated roster that is worthless....TX EA, Donny and the rest of you guys.. enjoy xmass... I hope 2k gets the NFL approval for a new game with a complete sim style game...
# 14 stooge 1010 @ 12/13/11 09:27 PM
i dont understand why he wont put those players in the game, i saved the very first pre season update just so i can make most of the players that hes not putting in.i try to make them on every roster update,very time consuming, most of the guys he dont put in are on that roster, almost better off using that roster.

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