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Playstation.Blog has posted their MLB 12 The Show hands-on preview, along with an interview with Community Manager, Ramone Russell.

PlayStation.Blog: Whatís your personal favorite addition this year?

Ramone Russell, Community Manager: I think itís our new ball physics. Our programmer ripped out every line of last yearís code and completely re-invented the way the ball acts. Itís a nerd feature, but it adds so much to the game. The baseball gains and loses energy like a real baseball, and if you go into replay, you can count the rotations Ė that ball is going to spin the way itís supposed to. This opens up the game because we have bloopers, ricochets off the bases, balls going into no manís landÖ.itís much more dynamic and engaging.

After reading the article, what are you most excited about?

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# 1 thaSLAB @ 12/08/11 06:02 PM
I was just about to post this. You beat me to it...

I think some people will definitely like what they read.
# 2 nemesis04 @ 12/08/11 06:06 PM
New Ball physics!
# 3 BKAraujo @ 12/08/11 06:07 PM
I am always late at posting, feels good to actually post something new. WOW the talk about Vita having every feature the PS3 version has is awesome, also having graphics very comparable to the PS3 version!
# 4 nemesis04 @ 12/08/11 06:10 PM
Originally Posted by BKAraujo
I am always late at posting, feels good to actually post something new. WOW the talk about Vita having every feature the PS3 version has is awesome, also having graphics very comparable to the PS3 version!
It's as close as you will get to having a ps3 in your hands!
# 5 nomo17k @ 12/08/11 06:12 PM
so many guys will be pleased by what they read in the article... i'm certainly one of them. thanks for posting!!!
# 6 thaSLAB @ 12/08/11 06:20 PM
I want to know what those 2 new secret features are!
# 7 DeuceDouglas @ 12/08/11 06:23 PM
When did Georges St-Pierre get signed by the Orioles?
# 8 econoodle @ 12/08/11 06:24 PM
True Broadcast Presentation!
Overhauled Commentary!

two down one to go [franchise menus overhaul]!

I hope new stat overlays become part of the Broadcast Presentation.

For the first time since the early days of ps3 Show, I am super pumped!
I can finally lay 10 to rest!
# 9 mbergh22 @ 12/08/11 06:29 PM
I really hope the commentary is close to being as good as NBA 2K's and when they say "overhaul" I really hope they mean they really did overhaul the commentary and made a whole new thing.
# 10 Marino @ 12/08/11 06:29 PM
I'm thinking the commentary will be the biggest thing for me this year, I am a presentation junkie!
# 11 fanofikedavis @ 12/08/11 06:37 PM
Originally Posted by thaSLAB
I want to know what those 2 new secret features are!
better be new trade/free angent logic
# 12 k7k58 @ 12/08/11 06:38 PM
they need more stat overlays to go along with that new commentary
# 13 jkra0512 @ 12/08/11 06:50 PM
Absolutely love what I'm reading. I can't wait until OS writes their hands-on impression, they know what the hardcore community wants/demands..
# 14 mlblover15 @ 12/08/11 07:05 PM
Wow and double wow!! I have been excited about previous editions of this game before but I think that I want it to be release day NOW!!! New improved commentary and over all presentation, oh my god!!!!

Bring me a shiny new copy.. hey ill even take the demo right now... just to get the smallest glimpse of this brilliant most fantastic game.

Alas but just like the rest of us i will wait... and wait, and wait... tick tock, tick tock... goes the clock....
# 15 JayD @ 12/08/11 07:14 PM
Here's to hoping franchise mode got some love this year. One of the big tings I want to see is teams call up or send down players not only for injuries. I want to see players having a great year in the minors be called up or if a player is having a terrible year in the majors get sent down or benched for a prospect.
# 16 tnixen @ 12/08/11 07:40 PM

This is like a dream come true if these 3 features/Improvments turn out to be as good as I hope them to be!!

New True Broadcast Presentation
New Ball Physics
New Massive Overhaul Commentary

These 3 features/Improvments alone would make me so happy even if no other features were added lol
# 17 The Bimmer @ 12/08/11 07:59 PM
Good Stuff, commentary is why I gave the other game a shot last year, but there is not doubt I will be back on board this year. 11 weeks to go before pitchers and catcher report.
# 18 Ghoste @ 12/08/11 07:59 PM
I've read 'All new Broadcast' features on the back of a lot of game boxes throughout my entire gaming career (not just The Show). Then you play the game and you get a ton of camera angles that aren't real-life camera angles. I'm hoping '12 really delivers!

Ball physics sound great too. I'm excited!

# 19 Spaced Ace @ 12/08/11 08:00 PM
While all these features are awesome, I'm really hoping they revamp the netcode for 2012. Online play has been a mess and NEEDS to be fixed.
# 20 Drew127 @ 12/08/11 08:00 PM
The new presentation/commentary is exactly what I wanted to hear they have added this year.

I really hope there is actual banter between the commentators this year, much like NBA 2k. They can talk about things in context like the award races or how a guy performed recently/in the last series. But I hope it's done realistically and in a natural way, and not just some line like "he was 2 for 2 yesterday".

The banter in NBA 2k is absolutely amazing and sounds just like a real broadcast. I hope a similar flow and chemistry between the commentators is achieved in The Show.

Maybe the surprise feature is new commentators? I figure if they are going to give the commentary an overhaul, what better time to rip it out completely and get some new guys in there?

Hopefully along with the camera cuts and broadcast angles, we get some nifty overlays with it.

As others have already stated on here, I hope Franchise gets a facelift. More stats! And presented in an intuitive way! A prime example of this is the player cards and info. I hope they can do something like NBA 2k where it has splits for home/away - and even by month! - and a list of stats for recent games. Madden does this pretty well too. It'd be nice to look at a starting pitcher's card and be able to see how he has done for his past 10 starts (IP, BB, K's, etc).

The presentation of all the stats and info in franchise is severely lacking compared to where it should be and where it is in other games. Especially in baseball where stats are so important when compared to the other sports. The wealth of info available needs to be brought to the front end. I know the game keeps tracks of those splits. Show them to the users and have them be available on-demand, as opposed to when the game decides to randomly tell you about it.

Finally, a huge addition to franchise that would really add to the immersion would be historical data. Once again, I'm going to reference NBA 2k. The game really nails it. You can see the champions for all the previous years, the league leaders of all the significant stat categories for the previous years, and even the player cards have a tab for awards and, the best part, personal bests for each player both for a single game and for a career. How great would it be if you are five years into your franchise, and you can look back and see Pujols set a career high in HR's for a season three years ago? And it'd be really cool to see how many times and which years he won the MVP, etc.

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