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Kotaku's Owen Good has posted his yearly NCAA Football 12 Alternate Reality Simulation of a college football playoff system. What are your thoughts on it? What would you change or implement?

A ‘Big 64′ of College Football Sounds Like a Nice Idea, Until You Try It in a Video Game

For the past two years, Stick Jockey has, at the end of the season, used EA Sports' NCAA Football to supply an alternate-reality simulation of a postseason involving a true college football playoff, one that invites every conference champion. I've become resigned to the utter fantasy of this idea ever happening in my lifetime.

What seems more reasonable is the so-called "Plus One" format, which got a lot of traction after the Bowl Championship Series posted its final rankings on Sunday. The final poll created not only a rematch in the title game, but one involving two teams from the same league, the dominant Southeastern Conference, which has won the last five national title games. "Plus One," if it happens, would seed the top four teams in two bowls and pair off the winners in a national championship game. Representatives of the Pac-12 and Big 12 have recently voiced support for the model, after opposing it when it was first introduced.

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# 1 PackerBacker123 @ 12/11/11 07:47 PM

now that I got that out of the way, college football really needs a playoff system of some sort just to get rid of the crap that is the BCS.
# 2 khaliib @ 12/12/11 12:27 AM
Wonder is this is a hint to some new marketing injection dealing with Conference's in the game.

After dabling with it for about 15 min, it's limitations really made it not the worth they hyped it up to be.

-Couldn't really create your own Conf
-Couldn't expand current Conf beyond the set limits
-Really no purpose given to Conf Strength as Bowl games seemed coded towards certain teams vs Conf's
-Conf field art/uniform patches were so minutely seen, didn't really seem like in a different Conf
-Atmosphere was the same at all games, whether in the SEC or WAC.

A fully customizable playoff system would be nice in the game (if other stuff is fixed 1st)

As far as one in real life.

Current financial squeezes at many of the Mid-Major and smaller schools, will eventually force these schools into demanding a bigger cut of the Billion Dollar business be driven towards the smaller bowls since there is "0" chance of them making it to one of Big Pay Bowls on a regular basis.

Most of these schools are "X" out of a chance by the BCS ranking system.
You have to start in the top 10 just to have a chance at one of the three Big Pay Bowls.
Also, current system will not allow a smaller Conf into the championship.
It's too much money involved to allow such a thing, thus the use of current ratings system.

The distribution is so lopsided, that the smaller Bowls pay a larger chunk to the schools from the Power Conf to be in it, even if the Mid's/smaller school is ranked higher.

So the current system is set up for the Power Conf to get most of the money throughout the whole entire Bowl Game System.

I wouldn't be surprise is many of the Mid-Major and smaller schools decided to eventually break away if there is no change to the current "Bowl Game Money Distribution".

As football is the revenue maker for many of the sports the college/university participates in, many can't afford for their football programs to be in/near the red.

I was surprised to find that many of these schools often go deeper into the negative, just to participate in these smaller payout Bowl Games because anything earned is distributed throughout the Conf giving the participating school payouts that rarely even cover the travel expenses just to be there.
(The Athletic Dept just don't let the fan base know about it!!!)

It's really not about a Playoff System at all, but about distribution of the Billions that college football brings in every year.

This financial climate is making many changes across collegiate sports.
Just look at all these Conf realignments.
Schools shifting to Conf on the other side of the country just to get a bigger piece of the pie.

After all this shifting causes more confusion to the system and ultimately makes it fall on it's face.
Some type of Playoff System will be thrown out by the "Fat Cats" as a last ditch effort to keep control of this Billion Dollar business.

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