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NFL Blitz Gameplay Engineer, Lee Crippen has posted another NFL Blitz blog. This one covers gameplay.

Another area that took some work was user catching. Each of the catches’ height and distance had to be hand-tuned so that skillful players would be able to trigger an interception when the opportunity arose. The timing of each catch has to be set just right, so that interceptions were not too rare or too common. Now that we’re done, a defender in the right position who hits the button at just the right time (one third, one half, and two thirds of a second are the sweet spots by the way) can knock the ball away or make a pick, and the chances of each is yet another part of the game that was tuned with care.

Let’s not forget the playbooks. The placement of every route, zone, and hook, the success chance of a fakeout, the distance between players at the line, the movement of the man in motion, and every other detail took a close eye and subtle changes before it was working as it should. We paid attention to every single play, from the 17 shared offensive and 9 defensive plays, to the 32 unique team plays, to the special teams’ plays.

To read the rest of the NFL Blitz blog, click here.

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# 1 misterkrabz @ 12/15/11 08:28 PM
Sounds like there's more gameplay innovation in this game than there has been in the last ten years of madden.
# 2 LingeringRegime @ 12/16/11 05:54 AM
Haven't had a licensed football game in a long *** time. Wait is almost over.

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