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In an open letter to SSX fans, Creative Director Todd Batty talks about the shipping delay.

I wanted to let you all know firsthand that we recently decided to take a couple of extra weeks to give our game the final bit of polish we think it deserves. This means that we won’t be shipping the game to you until Feb. 28 in North America and Mar. 2 in the rest of the world. We hope that given how long you have waited for SSX to come back, you won’t mind waiting just a little bit longer.

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# 1 Blzer @ 12/21/11 02:58 PM
I don't mind the delay. That means some time I get to spend with Twisted Metal by itself, and it's sandwiched with just enough wiggle room so that I can play it before The Show.

This game looks beautiful! They thematically have some of the "Tricky" audio in there which is nice, and it has a good SSX 3 feel to it as well. Some of the HUD stuff looks a bit too cluttered, though they probably have display options to push those graphics closer to the corners (like most racing games, or Call of Duty for example). Very cool info on the screen, though. I like how it shows all of your tricks, a trick history, and even things like your speed and current placings are on the screen, which hasn't all really been there before. I'm still trying to understand the Tricky meter, but that should come in place and be explained more later down the line.

Also see that there's a new rewind feature. Given the penalty tagged along with it, I can't see this as being a bad idea, but I wonder how abusive it really is, especially in races when you could have just swerved left to hit a tree, etc. It's not one of the worst features put in, but again, we'll see how that one ends up panning out.

Overall, a very welcomed and solid effort by the guys at EA. I can't wait for this title! I need a snowboarding game in my life!
# 2 jyoung @ 12/21/11 05:52 PM
Looks good.

We haven't had a good snowboarding game in a while.
# 3 DustinT @ 12/21/11 07:49 PM
This game was amazing a month ago. It will be even better when this comes out.
# 4 ImTellinTim @ 12/28/11 02:50 PM
This game looks great. Not too worried about the delay. Just means it will be better.

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