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In speaking to Gamesradar, Eric Boenisch mentions the possibility of something arriving on Christmas Day, for NBA 2K12. What do you think it might be?

“Dedicated” is the operative word here. While most of us will be kicking back with family and friends, a healthy portion of the NBA 2K12 development team will be hard at work on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, Mr. Boenisch wouldn’t give up the goods about any special surprises for the legions of fans who’ll boot up the game that day.

“We have some things cooking,” he says coyly. “But you’ll just have to wait to see for yourself! We’ll be enjoying Christmas, but if NBA basketball is being played then we’re working.”

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# 1 Marino @ 12/22/11 02:45 PM
Probably some ham or turkey.
# 2 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 12/22/11 02:50 PM
Maybe just a roster update. If there working on it on Christmas then it won't get released Christmas Right? I also heard someone say 2k is planning to bring the dunk contest/three point contest as DLC later.
# 3 NealN42 @ 12/22/11 02:54 PM
Whatever it is, I'd be willing to bet that it costs another $10 at least, just like the last DLC.
# 4 RedmanR @ 12/22/11 03:05 PM
It doesn't really matter what they're cooking up as I appreciate anyone's hard work especially on holidays. I must add it's going to be extremely hard to see what they're cooking up with so many NBA games on starting at 12 noon and lasting pretty much all night

Thanks for the Christmas gift guys
# 5 LasVegasFC @ 12/22/11 03:48 PM
I bet they'll put in the Snowflake NBA Logo jersey patches in the game and the Holiday Greetings custom floor. That would be awesome if they did that.
# 6 kidmadison32 @ 12/22/11 03:54 PM
Christmas Day SHOES lol
# 7 coop15 @ 12/22/11 03:54 PM
Maybe crew 2.0
# 8 RedZoneD25 @ 12/22/11 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by Marino
Probably some ham or turkey.
I LOLed Marino...
# 9 blues rocker @ 12/22/11 03:59 PM
i'm guessing it's new DLC or something...

i'd rather them focus their energy on another patch to improve the gameplay, but they don't make money off of patches, so unfortunately it's probably just some gimmicky DLC.
# 10 Louizzle @ 12/22/11 04:08 PM
Not really expecting much because we all know the 2K12 team has a lot on their plate that they can fix/add to the game.

If it's something like My Player Crew, then I'll have a lot more respect for the 2K12 team compared to a lot of respect that was lost when they released a pretty broken game.
# 11 djsider2 @ 12/22/11 04:25 PM
it's probably the website they've said they'd have back before the game was released...
# 12 neptuneniq @ 12/22/11 04:29 PM
Originally Posted by LasVegasFC
I bet they'll put in the Snowflake NBA Logo jersey patches in the game and the Holiday Greetings custom floor. That would be awesome if they did that.
already in the game

ppl hexed the rosters awhile back and christmas jerseys were hidden jerseys
# 13 DutchMastah7 @ 12/22/11 04:45 PM
Hopefully another patch.
# 14 chrisbosh4 @ 12/22/11 04:52 PM
Rookie tattoos, snowflake patch jersey and christmas shoes
# 15 neptuneniq @ 12/22/11 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by chrisbosh4
Rookie tattoos, snowflake patch jersey and christmas shoes
check out the videos 2k did to sim the xmas games

kd lebron and kobe are wearing their xmas shoes
# 16 Jakeness23 @ 12/22/11 07:56 PM
Kind of expecting the website or another "who cares DLC." So I won't get excited about this because I couldn't care less about either of those two things...
# 17 RocketTMac1 @ 12/22/11 08:13 PM
# 18 joemarle25 @ 12/22/11 08:47 PM
Maybe the 66 game schedule. Well, then again, it doesn't seem like it would take a lot of work to reconfigure the schedule.
# 19 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 12/22/11 10:12 PM
Originally Posted by atomant94
Probably Another DLC.

Is It Me Or Is 2K Sports Starting To Turn Into EA Sports?
Its you...
# 20 stillfeelme @ 12/22/11 10:18 PM
I have a feeling they had added some custom commentary and perhaps all the xmas sneakers jerseys courts etc. I don't know if anyone just played a game but the NBA today was set for Nov. 1st 2011 and all the stats were showing up on the bottom as season stats. Example Kevin Love season high 10 rebounds. I played another game and it went back to today's true NBA today and no season stats shown up.

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